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Business analysis

Trade-off Analysis

Inventory control is an essential aspect in business, holding impact on profit margins and has many aspects to consider. Of the attributes to be analyzed inventory holding costs and inventory ordering costs are the most impactful on profit margins. In essence the primary goal sought is “how much to order”...

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Business Decision Analysis

AbstractMaking good business decisions is about weighing all of the options and finding the one that is the best. This does not necessarily mean that the company will make a perfect decision or that everything that follows from the decision will be ideal. Rather, it just means that given the...

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Analysis of the Variables that Impact the Pricing of Options

There are a number of variables that impact the pricing of options and hence, the ability of retail businesses to profit from specific products and sales. The major variable that impacts the pricing of options is the price of the underlying (Kilic, 2005). The absolute price of the option premium...

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Global Business Cultural Analysis: Brazil

Brazil is the largest nation in South America. It is a well-known country and the most attractive to foreign investors in the entire continent. The country’s accomplishments and failures have been greatly shaped by its different cultures and its general geography. The country is a source of many valuable natural...

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Franchise Analysis of Taco Bell

Purchasing a Taco Bell franchise is significant in the sense that there are a number of opportunities and the potential for growth and development within the food industry, particularly that of Taco Bell and its competing companies. However there are also a number of disadvantages to this decision such as...

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