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Business analysis

Analysis of Business Acquisitions

For the purposes of this paper, the company that I am working for is Apple Incorporated and the company that I am responsible for taking over is Amazon. Both companies are major information technology enterprises that continue to dominate this industry and provide customers and clients with a versatile range...

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Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis in Business

AbstractResearch and development in business may be performed using quantitative, qualitative and or mixed-method based tools. In this report two examples of research and development for determining trends in the post-global-recession market are presented. One report allows for researchers to have an understanding of quantitative based research, while the other...

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Business Trends Analysis

The transport industry is among the key pillars for global economies. The sector has seen serious growth and evolution with the development of numerous channels of transportation. Personal transportation is a customized taxi service dealing with individual customers. There has been the immense growth of rail, air, and sea transport...

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Decision Making And Analysis In Business

Business decisions are intricate in nature largely due to the short-term ripple effect of that decisions may have throughout an organization as well as the long term effects that decisions may have. The process of decision making in business must be strategic, and the strategy that is employed may take...

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Business Globalization

Outsourcing is the act of delegating work that should be done by employees of an organization to a third party. Outsourcing of legal services is influenced by factors such as cost, availability of qualified staff and the improvement in quality derived from the outsourcing exercise. The driving force in outsourcing...

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