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Business case studies

Coca Cola Case Study

Coca-Cola has used nostalgia as an emotion to create consumer loyalty in several ways, particularly with its use of Santa Claus to evoke memories of Christmas. According to Kessous (2015), companies like Coca-Cola use nostalgic stimulus to transposing the consumer for an event or period from their idealized past, helping...

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Netflix Case Study

Introduction Netflix is an American multinational corporation (MNC) that has its headquarter In California at Los Gatos (Canady, 2017). Its founders are Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings who founded it in 1997 (Canady, 2017). The firm’s primary business is its subscription-based streaming video-on-demand that offers a great variety of television...

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Uber Analysis

Slide 1 Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen, Today I would like to cover an interesting and informative theme namely the Uber Company analysis. Slide 2 There is no doubt that Uber has become a successful company that is known all over the world. The organization applies an innovational approach to...

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Midnight Express Part 5: Process Mapping

It is expected that the most common channel to purchase the product will be either through online scheduling of pickup and delivery or from walk in customers who are requesting delivery of a specific item. The information that we will need from the customer to process a sale will be...

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Case Study: “The Importance of Public Relations in Corporate Sustainability”

The study described in Orlando Rivero and John Theodore’s 2014 article “The Importance of Public Relations in Corporate Sustainability,” which appeared in the Global Journal of Management and Business Research highlighted the importance of the three areas of corporate sustainability and the relationship of these three areas to public relations...

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Sustainability in International Business – A Case Study of NNPC

Area of your project: This project explores the area of sustainability in international business, focusing on sustainability efforts in the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). Your research question/ topic: Four research questions were identified for resolution: What efforts are in place to foster sustainability in NNPC and its subsidiaries? How...

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Quality Control at Milk & Soda

Executive Summary This report reviews how Milk & Soda, an Australian apparel company, produces their wares in a global environment and ensure that the quality of the product is in line with what the consumer requires. The report also reviews best practices for global apparel production processes and how these...

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The Jamestown Online Adventure

The site I selected for landing was Inland, among the forests and hills, as it was close enough to a stream to provide fresh water, and far enough inland to provide protection from some of the harsher weather. When confronted by Lord Powhatan, I opted to offer to trade, to...

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Case Study-Commercial Property Strategic Plan and Market Opportunity

Background LCX is the popular fashion stores with its over 120,000 square feet space, a sort of mall in mall concept, agglomerating a collection of trendy youth-oriented brands clustered together and selling mid-range to high-end designer fashion, cosmetics, and lifestyle products. LCX has two locations; the first store is in...

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World’s First Commercial Aviation

World’s First Commercial Aviation The significance of Tony Jannus and his early career is hard to overrate since he was the first pilot to navigate the very first flight of the aircraft that operated between St. Petersburg and Tampa. January 1, 1914, marked the initiation of the world’s commercial aviation,...

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Cosrco Case Study

Introduction The success of an organization in the contemporary competitive business world is highly influenced by the type of leadership approach that is put in place. Evidence from current empirical organizational studies indicates that most of the firms that survive in the current market use a more flexible leadership strategy....

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Case of the Pricing Predicament

I. Major Facts At times in business pricing, there are situations where one can make concessions for their good customers to favor them for a particular business. The timing however needs to be ideal, not too late for them to do anything about the deal, and it should be confidential....

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Expenses And Costs Facing Today’s Airline Industry

The management of an airline company and the smooth running of its business are entitled to unavoidable expenses. The aviation industry incurs expenses that range from purchasing the airplanes, accounting for the labor force and, very paramount, the fuel costs. Every airline in the world is a profitable business corporation....

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The case of Virgil and Hamilton

The case of Virgil and Hamilton selling their shares at lower prices is a matter of agreement between them and their buyers. They cannot succeed in a lawsuit that forces their buyers to compensate them for their loss in value due to the prevailing circumstances before they made their decision...

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Stasia’s Support Services

Stasia’s Support Services began as a part time subcontractor for a legal document delivery service. The business does process serving for legal firms and other clients. A business plan was never developed. In early 2015, she lost a major client when she took a part time job and was not...

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Gladwell Grocery Store Case Scenario

Introduction With business evolvement and increased competition of firms in different industries, organizations have highly embraced human resource functions, a business unit that has been neglected for many years. Today, organizations view their employees as the ultimate source of their success and are continuously attracting and retaining competitive employees. Through...

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Corporate Strategy Case Study

A corporate strategy is used to discover how valuable a company is in comparison to other companies . To initiate the strategy, corporations invest in valuable resources, construct the organizational structure, devise a business portfolio, and a host of other business functions, with the anticipation of transferring skills to other...

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Wells Fargo

Ethics play a critical role in business bodies as they help in its efficient governing and operation in internal and external relations, in both domestic and international levels (Fredrick, 2007). An organization governed by a code of ethics and also by a ruler who is ethical has a better chance...

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Case Study: Best Youth Services (BYS) 25th Anniversary Celebration

Best Youth Services (BYS) is a not-for-profit organization focused on youth services. BYS provides a multitude of activities to improve the quality of life of youth in the community while also providing opportunities to improve their future. This is the mission statement of this organization and they are now preparing...

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Wolf Pack Transport Co – A Case Study

Goodwill is a company’s intangible asset that arises when one company acquires another. Goodwill exists in the company’s brand image, brand name, ethical business practices, customer relations, patents, employee relations and advanced technology (Zanoni, 2009). Goodwill is an asset but is intangible because it does not exist in physical form...

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