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Business case studies

Coca Cola Case Study

Coca-Cola has used nostalgia as an emotion to create consumer loyalty in several ways, particularly with its use of Santa Claus to evoke memories of Christmas. According to Kessous (2015), companies like Coca-Cola use nostalgic stimulus to transposing the consumer for an event or period from their idealized past, helping...

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Netflix Case Study

Introduction Netflix is an American multinational corporation (MNC) that has its headquarter In California at Los Gatos (Canady, 2017). Its founders are Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings who founded it in 1997 (Canady, 2017). The firm’s primary business is its subscription-based streaming video-on-demand that offers a great variety of television...

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Uber Analysis

Slide 1 Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen, Today I would like to cover an interesting and informative theme namely the Uber Company analysis. Slide 2 There is no doubt that Uber has become a successful company that is known all over the world. The organization applies an innovational approach to...

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Midnight Express Part 5: Process Mapping

It is expected that the most common channel to purchase the product will be either through online scheduling of pickup and delivery or from walk in customers who are requesting delivery of a specific item. The information that we will need from the customer to process a sale will be...

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Case Study: “The Importance of Public Relations in Corporate Sustainability”

The study described in Orlando Rivero and John Theodore’s 2014 article “The Importance of Public Relations in Corporate Sustainability,” which appeared in the Global Journal of Management and Business Research highlighted the importance of the three areas of corporate sustainability and the relationship of these three areas to public relations...

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