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Business case studies

Real World Case Study 12-2

For the purpose of this submission, the selected company is Apple Beach County Ltd Liability Co. This is a domestic limited liability based in New York. The company produced an annual report on 2015-10-01. Some of the striking features of this report were disclosure notes that defined the investment securities...

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Digital Globe Merger with Mad

When addressing MacDonald, Deitwiler and Associates Ltd (MDA), particular emphasis must be given to the fact that it was founded in 1969; the firm came up spurred “by University of British Columbia professor John MacDonald and physics graduate Vern Dettwiler.” (Blackwell) Notably, MDA was renamed to Maxar Technologies on the...

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Caterpillar Inc. Strategic Plan

Executive SummaryEvery company must have a vision, mission, and strategy that would allow it push forward as well as aid it attain both the short and long-term goals. At Caterpillar, the vision is to create a world where the basic needs of the customers are met in a way that...

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Cleaning the Czech Republic

Question oneAs the CEO of the Washing Company, all my decisions will be based on its exceptional performance in the United States. ABC Company has done excellent in the US, and it is the right time for it to establish a globally. This is the reason as a CEO I...

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Case Study Alternatives and Recommendations

One of the biggest problems currently for the company is a lack of a cogent business strategy and model. The company seems to be flying by the seat of its pants, so to speak, taking business when it comes but not having a strategy for how to attract it for...

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Week 8 Business Course Work

Q. 1 At the heart of Edmund’s proposal is to empower capitalism by way of encouraging the disadvantaged to not only work but also increase their level of self-esteem, as well as, making these people more self-supporting. This particular proposal can be evaluated on a set of perspectives. One of...

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Lowe’s Cos Case Study

Lowe’s Cos Inc. is attempting to acquire Rona, Inc. once more. The organization attempted the acquisition in 2012, but was unable to come to an agreement with Rona, Inc. regarding the purchase price for acquisition. This time around, the two organizations were able to come to an agreement, with Lowe’s...

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Four Seasons Goes to Paris

Background Having opened its first French property in 1999, the Four Seasons Hotel faced a number of challenges in moving its distinctly Americanized hotelier institution to France. The obstacles faced by the management team at the F.S. George V are outlined by Hallowell, Bowen and Knoop in the article “Four...

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Google Case Study: A Brief Analysis

1. Perform a SWOT for Google.Strengths: Strong brand name and image; strong financial position; wide range of products and services (diversification); patented proprietary services and products; ownership of the world’s most popular search engine (Google processes approximately 70% of the world’s search queries); revenues from advertising-related services; company is associated...

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Pepsi Case Study

PepsiCo has created a new corporate strategy under new leadership. Roger Enrico plans to turn the fortunes of PepsiCo around. His efforts have been eventful and changed the way business is done at PepsiCo. It began with the 1996 letter to the shareholders when the company was reeling from a...

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Lego Case Study

The question of what the Lego Group should do in light of its recent situation is a difficult one. The company has a long history, but its future is uncertain, especially under new leadership. With that being said, the company has options, and its longstanding position among consumers provides the...

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Sargento Cheese Case Study

Introduction of EventJust two months ago, Sargento was forced to recall a tremendous amount of its cheeses, which had been primarily acquired from a supplier, because of a possible Listeria outbreak (Carter, 2017). Listeria is a serious disease that can cause anything from diarrhea to death and would almost definitely...

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Business Policy and Strategy in Global Competition

AbstractThe protectionist barriers are increasingly crumbling throughout the universe as companies rush to exploit new opportunities for survival and remain competitive in the market. In this paper, we have discussed various issues concerning global business strategy. We utilized different case studies, including BP Company and McDonald's. It is evident that...

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Vineyard Case Study

Kingston Family Vineyards is a successful and growing wine maker in the Casablanca region of Chile. The company has grown because of the high quality of its hand-crafted wines. However, the company’s management team has run into an existential crisis because of the need for growth. It is time to...

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Entrepreneurship Idea Project: AI Transportation

The topic for this paper is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Transportation. There are several problems that have reared in AI transportation. However, this paper will be discussing the five major problems that have been identified. Problems with AI transportation involve both qualitative and quantitative data. Using qualitative data justifies the use...

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Case Study: British Columbia Timber

In this case, the British Columbia Timber company (BCT) has been clearcutting forests for timber for more than 50 years. However, they have also been replanting forests after logging for this entire time. Lately, though, the criticisms from environmentalists have reached greater numbers due to social media, so that the...

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The Ford Pinto Case

The Ford Pinto was a subcompact car manufactured by Ford beginning in 1971. The car proved to be very popular, with over 3 million units produced between 1971 and 1980. It was produced partly in response to the increasing popularity of small, subcompact Japanese cars. The Pinto was known inside...

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Case Study: Online Shopping at a Snail’s Pace

We live in a time where the entire consumer shopping experience is now taking place online. With the advent of technology and the overall Internet of Things, consumers are using the Internet in all its forms to guide their purchasing decisions, from need identification to the purchase itself all with...

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Business and Society

Integrating a new product into a foreign market uncovers a variety of challenges no matter the product or foreign market a business into which a business is expanding. In the case of a smart phone manufacturer seeking to launch its latest device in India, a developing nation that is slowly...

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Predatory Practices in Business

Predatory practices in business are not only harmful in the community, they are a terrible business model which repeatedly takes advantage of consumers. Predatory practices in business include predatory lending at outrageous rates, predatory pricing to crush competition and predatory off label marketing by pharmaceutical companies. Even while the bank...

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