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Business communication

Chris’s Miscommunication

Chris was pressed for time. He also thought that he was too busy to talk with any of the workers individually because this would have taken too much of his time. Consequently, he decided to send them a memo to inform them that costs had to be cut by 20%,...

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International Negotiations

Throughout the negotiation process, businesses must be careful of cultural differences. Furthermore, the business must be aware of the stages of negotiations for both Saudi Arabia and Russia. This involves knowing what the cultural differences are for each country. This includes political, legal, economic, and ideological issues. Finally, the negotiator...

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Negotiation Strategic Plan

The negotiation plan will follow the below approach. Understanding Negotiation Opportunities The negotiable platform is created to show the importance of conflict resolution. Individuals must consider each other’s needs, and negotiate freely in a positive discussion. A planning and advisory committee is formed for a proper negotiation approach (Bryson, 2018)....

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Cultural Awareness in Business: Some Japanese Concepts

In his article, “The Hidden Challenge of Cross-Border Negotiations,” (Sebenius, 2002, pp. 4-12), James Sebenius discusses how cultural differences and misunderstandings can impact, even derail, serious international negotiations. Beginning with understanding who is involved in potential deals, who has real power or authority, and what informal influences can make or...

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Maintaining a Common Language in a Company Setting

In today’s business world organizations are implementing strategies designed to overcome their competitors. One common trend among them is the use of a common language in the workplace. To date, the preferred language of the business world is English (Clark, 2012). Major companies all over the world have adopted it...

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