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Business communication

Chris’s Miscommunication

Chris was pressed for time. He also thought that he was too busy to talk with any of the workers individually because this would have taken too much of his time. Consequently, he decided to send them a memo to inform them that costs had to be cut by 20%,...

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International Negotiations

Throughout the negotiation process, businesses must be careful of cultural differences. Furthermore, the business must be aware of the stages of negotiations for both Saudi Arabia and Russia. This involves knowing what the cultural differences are for each country. This includes political, legal, economic, and ideological issues. Finally, the negotiator...

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Negotiation Strategic Plan

The negotiation plan will follow the below approach. Understanding Negotiation Opportunities The negotiable platform is created to show the importance of conflict resolution. Individuals must consider each other’s needs, and negotiate freely in a positive discussion. A planning and advisory committee is formed for a proper negotiation approach (Bryson, 2018)....

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Cultural Awareness in Business: Some Japanese Concepts

In his article, “The Hidden Challenge of Cross-Border Negotiations,” (Sebenius, 2002, pp. 4-12), James Sebenius discusses how cultural differences and misunderstandings can impact, even derail, serious international negotiations. Beginning with understanding who is involved in potential deals, who has real power or authority, and what informal influences can make or...

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Maintaining a Common Language in a Company Setting

In today’s business world organizations are implementing strategies designed to overcome their competitors. One common trend among them is the use of a common language in the workplace. To date, the preferred language of the business world is English (Clark, 2012). Major companies all over the world have adopted it...

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Organizational Frames

The protagonist in Gung Ho is Hunt Stevenson who convinces Assan Motors to reopen the local plant that had been shut for nine months and tries to bridge the gap between the employer and employees (IMDb, n.d). On the other hand, the antagonist is Assan Motors, a Japanese based company...

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Commercial Speech

Some have argued that the Bill of Rights’ provision protecting freedom of speech also protects “commercial speech” – that is, the right of for-profit corporations to freedom of speech. However, others have argued that the Bill of Rights only protects the free speech of individuals, and therefore no constitutional protection...

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Formal Letter

Macy’s, Inc. 7 West Seventh Street Cincinnati, OH 45202 ATTN: Terry J. Lundgren, CEO Dear Mr. Lundgren: I am writing regarding an issue that has recently arisen concerning a purchase I made just two weeks ago at one of your local stores. I was looking for a unique gift for...

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Real Organizational Communication

Working as a team to meet an overall goal or objective takes strategic planning and a commitment from each member to contribute their respective parts in order to ensure success. According to Taplin, Foster, & Shortell (2013), in order for effective team building to take place, it must be contingent...

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Interpersonal Communication in a Veterinary Office

Much like when we visit a doctor’s office, a visit to a veterinary office with our cherished pet is chock full of interpersonal communication situations, signs, and hidden meanings. Going to the vet’s office, whether for a scheduled check-up or an emergency, can present a number of opportunities for us...

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Leadership Communication in Business

Leaders communicate to influence and persuade through speech, body language, and by being a role model, exhibiting the characteristics they hope to see in others. Rational speech will probably only work if others need information. During argument, at least briefly give the opposing viewpoint, but an appeal to emotion also...

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Paul Singh

Paul Singh was the honorary speaker at the last meeting of The Business Club. Paul Singh is a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley who had made his fortune by investing in startup companies. It was quite an interesting experience because it is not common for a venture capitalist to visit...

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Rethinking Work Integrated Learning And Its Benefits

Jackson, Denise. "Employability Skill Development In Work-Integrated Learning: Barriers And Best Practice." Studies in Higher Education 40, no. 2 (2014): 350-367.The article examines the importance of Work- Integrated Learning (WIL) and the benefits that this arrangement brings forth. The article drew its findings from a survey involving 131 undergraduates from Australia and...

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Process Maps

The key elements of process maps such as flowcharts, deployment charts and SIPOC charts include a visual representation of organizational processes, how these processes intersect and create new processes depending on the inputs, and the organizational goals of a process. Process maps therefore allow organizations to more easily assess where...

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Japan – Business Etiquette

When conducting business in a foreign country or while corresponding with foreign associates, it is important to remember that cultures across the globe vary in numerous ways. In the United States, it is considered polite to meet an associate with a handshake, and even with a simple handshake native customs...

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Free Enterprise Speech

Today, I am going to give a speech on free enterprise. Free enterprise can be described as: an economic system that is only subject to a few restrictions on ownership and business activities. Its goals are minimum government intervention, and limited trade restrictions. - All great assets that can make...

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Business Report on Component Changes

The contemporary world has been subjected to immense technological developments and innovations lately. Nonetheless, transitions and growths in network technologies have gone in handy with a number of challenges (Davidson, White & Taylor, 2012). For the case of e-commerce platforms, security is vital for secure and safe operation. Most e-commerce...

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How Important is Discernment When It Comes to Decision Making?

Each and every day we have to make decisions. Some of them are quite simple, like what to have for dinner, but some are really hard to make, those that can actually change one’s life. The process of making complex decisions does not have a common procedure, therefore there are...

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Blue Ocean Strategy Paper Example

In the current business world, companies in the same industry tend to compete viciously with each other to ensure they are ahead in every possible aspect. The competition might kick some out of business and may bring higher returns to others. This traditional working environment is described by the “red...

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The Financial Professional Guide to Communication

In chapter 7, the author proposes that hedge words erode the speaker’s credibility. I was able to discover different kinds of hedge words and acknowledged the increase in their use in contemporary speech. The author attributes the increase in hedge word use to the increased tendency of individuals to speak...

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