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Business communication

Organizational Frames

The protagonist in Gung Ho is Hunt Stevenson who convinces Assan Motors to reopen the local plant that had been shut for nine months and tries to bridge the gap between the employer and employees (IMDb, n.d). On the other hand, the antagonist is Assan Motors, a Japanese based company...

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Commercial Speech

Some have argued that the Bill of Rights’ provision protecting freedom of speech also protects “commercial speech” – that is, the right of for-profit corporations to freedom of speech. However, others have argued that the Bill of Rights only protects the free speech of individuals, and therefore no constitutional protection...

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Formal Letter

Macy’s, Inc. 7 West Seventh Street Cincinnati, OH 45202 ATTN: Terry J. Lundgren, CEO Dear Mr. Lundgren: I am writing regarding an issue that has recently arisen concerning a purchase I made just two weeks ago at one of your local stores. I was looking for a unique gift for...

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Real Organizational Communication

Working as a team to meet an overall goal or objective takes strategic planning and a commitment from each member to contribute their respective parts in order to ensure success. According to Taplin, Foster, & Shortell (2013), in order for effective team building to take place, it must be contingent...

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Interpersonal Communication in a Veterinary Office

Much like when we visit a doctor’s office, a visit to a veterinary office with our cherished pet is chock full of interpersonal communication situations, signs, and hidden meanings. Going to the vet’s office, whether for a scheduled check-up or an emergency, can present a number of opportunities for us...

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