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Business ethics

Healing a Broken World

Starbucks is an American multinational coffee company and coffee chain house with headquarters in Seattle, Washington. Simon says that with over 20,891 stores spread in 62 countries around the globe, Starbucks is undoubtedly the world’s largest coffeehouse company (32). The company has good corporate governance policies that have seen it...

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Exit Interviews and Confidentiality

The treatment of confidential information is one of the most important ethical issue for staffing specialists, and specifically for human resources employees. When an employer promises employees that information will be remain confidential, they are obligated to keep this promise. On the one hand, it could be argued that it...

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Kelly Meyer’s Dilemma

Some ethical issues are very easy to understand such as don’t steal and respect others. However, when it comes to the market, the dilemma of what is right and wrong is quite a blur. Kelly Meyers has spent much time gathering information about an important bid for her company. Additionally,...

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Commentaries on Business Ethics & Behaviours

Commentary 1 Colao, J. J. (2013). Need A Business Loan? Impress The Algorithm, Not The Loan Officer. Forbes. Retrieved 22 April 2013 from: 1. On Deck Capital is an online lender for small businesses. Their business model uses algorithms to determine the small businesses credit worthiness in minutes or...

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Nature And History Of Business Ethics

Introduction The nature and history of Business Ethics is viewed in different dimensions especially in terms of ethical view which has normative as well as descriptive in nature, being a corporal norm or a career, this field is entirely normative. The world of academics is on the run trying to...

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What Does Work Ethic Mean To You?

A view often expressed by the older generation is how the youth of today do not possess a strong work ethic. The following paper explores this claim by taking into consideration the differing socio-economic factors that separate the older from the younger generation and questions whether this assumption is based...

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The Leadership and Ethics of Sheryl Sandberg

Introduction Sheryl Sandberg is an excellent example of modern leadership in ethics. At the young age of 45 she has accomplished much in terms of rising the corporate ladder in new technologies, writing a book laying out her theory of ethics, while raising a family. Sandberg is the current Chief...

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What Are the Ethical Challenges for Companies Working in Artificial Intelligence?

These days Facebook, Google, IBM and Microsoft invest billions into artificial intelligence research. This is based on the widely held premise that virtually any task performed by human beings can be automated. Indeed, these days Artificial Intelligence has been associated with robotics research above all. Robot technology is believed to...

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Decade’s Top 10 Executive Ethics Scandals

The list of ethical lapses by CEO leaders presented in the 2010 Wall Street Journal article “Decade's Top 10 Executive Ethics Scandals” are dominated by personal scandals, largely involving sexual relationships between CEOs outside their marriage or with employees. On the one hand, such scandals should be separated from scandals...

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Unethical Behavior of Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo suffered from a major banking scandal due to the existence of unethical behaviors in its management practices, as well as employee decision-making priorities. This can be attributed to the fact that the modern day business environment is characterized by high pressure due to the provision of high-performance targets...

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Business Ethics And Its Importance

A number of attributes have an impact on the ethical beliefs, sensitivities, intentions, and behaviors of people. An example of such an attribute is age; it is known to influence the behavior of people in various ways. Some studies indicate that elderly persons tend to be good ethical decision makers...

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Scandals: Union Busting

In order to keep both female voters and business contacts on side when introducing laws that would reduce union powers, I would appeal to the interests of female voters and show these interests can be met without unions. It is also the case that women are more likely to suffer...

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Business Ethics: Case Study VW Scandal

What are the Triple bottom lines?Triple bottom line (TBL) is a measure of the how a company is able to effectively manage its operations for profits. Secondly, it involves a company relates to the community around, that is, the social engagements of the firm to the community it operates around....

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In Stock Exchange Scandal

In-stock trading involves trading of a public company’s stock and securities using information not present in the public domain. This business practice is also called insider trading, and it has been illegal for the more considerable portion of the corporate history in America. Since 1909, when the Supreme Court established...

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Moral Criticisms of the Market

The nature of human interactions is very complex. There are several ways of achieving or organizing something. Some individuals might suggest that the end goal is the only thing that matters. On the other hand, there are some people, who believe that to win fairly is better than just win....

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The Culture and Moral Compass Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart is the largest and most advanced provider of diverse retail services in the United States. As one of the biggest companies in the U.S. retail market, Wal-Mart enjoys a unique competitive advantage. Its strategy comprises three dimensions – differentiation, focus, and cost leadership (Myers, 2014). Yet, one of the...

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Module 3: Case Study: Financial Implications

Abstract This paper serves as a continuation of the ongoing exploration of a case study regarding issues that may occur within a hospital and their potential effects. In this case, the hospital in question is the University of New Mexico Hospital. This particular paper focuses on the financial issues of...

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Utilitarianism, Deontology, and Virtue Ethics: Case Study: Starbucks

One notable characteristic of utilitarianism is that only the consequences of actions matter. In other words, one’s intentions in making decisions do not matter according to utilitarian proponents, but only the actual consequences of such decisions matter. Another notable characteristic of utilitarianism is that everyone matters equally. Preference for one...

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Unethical Conduct By Toyota Company

Ethical considerations are very critical in business operations and should be keenly observed. If not properly governed, unethical practices could result that could compromise general operations within the entity resulting into undesired results. Unethical practices in the context of a business organization could result from different dimensions. Incidences of exploitations...

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Nestle Corporation: Ethical Overview

Stakeholders In this situation, the stakeholders involved include Nestle Corporation. Nestle currently employees the children laborers as part of its corporation. Without the children, Nestle would not have the ability to produce cocoa, a vital product and key ingredient of its plantations. Another key stakeholder includes the plantation owners although...

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