Fish is one of the most stable and nutritious sources of proteins in the society today. With the advent of various chronic medical conditions associated with the fast food sources of proteins and red meat, there is a need for the people to adopt the use of white meat that is provided by fish to satisfy their nutritional needs. The use of a mobile van fixed with refrigerators and a frying unit is can assist in providing the people with this rich source of protein with their residential areas. This van can move from one place to another to save the people the time and energy spend towards looking for other unstable protein supplies.
The target population is all fish mongers and the people that suffering from chronic medical conditions associated with excessive intake of unreliable sources of proteins. The nutritional value of fish can assist in enhancing the quality of the lives of these individuals, and a mobile van can assist in reducing the challenges associated with the source of proteins.

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The mobile fish van can assist in providing the people with additional services life preparing the fish in order to reduce the burden of preparing the fish among the consumers. This will also save the people the time of going to the fish outlets because some of the consumers can fix the days in which they can be supplied with the fish, and it can be brought to their areas of residence. Therefore, this unit saves alloy of time and increases the quality of life of the people by providing a high-quality source of proteins from the fish.

This product is a creative and hygienic way of delivering fish to the consumers. Unlike the other stores and food parlors that do not give deliver the fish to the consumers. A mobile vendor can assist an individual adhere to a strict daily schedule by delivering the fish at the convenience of the client.