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Business Law

Two Firms With Similar Problems From Two Different Countries

A business organization operates in an environment, therefore, the factors outside the organization do affect how the organization runs its business .These factors include political, social, ethical and legal factors. The organization has no control over these factors hence the only option becomes to adjust to and embrace different changes...

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International Corporate Crime

It is not naive to think that the large companies can be induced to obey the legislation. In fact, numerous people stand to the position that multinational companies are much reluctant to commit corporate crimes in form of frauds or other disruptions. This connection is linked to the perception that...

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General Motor Political-Legal Environment

International business is one of the significant elements of the modern-day global economy. The resolution to venture abroad includes the evaluation of unconventional entry modes, having in mind the amount of risk involved and the appropriateness of the industrial environment in a prospective host country or region. Political, legal, economic...

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Business Law Issues

Case 3.1 The payroll processing issue presents quite a dilemma morally and ethically, as it calls upon one’s integrity with respect to their business clientele and their own employees (Ashcroft, Ashcroft, and Patterson, 134). Making payroll comes with no morally simple solutions. In order for payroll to made as contemplated,...

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Business Law Legal Memorandum Project

Issue Tim and Lisa Parker’s case has two major issues. First, they wish to inquire whether they are entitled to payment from their insurer, American Security Insurance Company, under the policy issued to Lisa. Secondly, they wish to determine whether or not the appeal by, Lafayette Insurance Co. with regards...

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