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Business Law

Business Law Legal Memorandum Project

Issue Tim and Lisa Parker’s case has two major issues. First, they wish to inquire whether they are entitled to payment from their insurer, American Security Insurance Company, under the policy issued to Lisa. Secondly, they wish to determine whether or not the appeal by, Lafayette Insurance Co. with regards...

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The Car Industry Debacle-the Recall Challenge

The scandal began late in the year 2015 on 18th November and was discovered by EPA (The US Environmental Protection Agency). The EPA issued a notice of the violation of the clean air act to the German automobile manufacturer in regards to the unethical trick that they used. The Volkswagen...

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Rules Affecting Transferability and Liability

The facts of this case are as follows: For one week, I test drove a vehicle, which was loaned to me by Bob (of Bob’s Auto Emporium). Upon return of the vehicle, Bob handed me a piece of paper stating I would promise to pay Bob’s Auto Emporium the sum...

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BIM Level 3 and Change Management

While analyzing the shift to the next BIM level, it is, first and foremost, essential to consider a series of associated problems. Most importantly, the implementation of any BIM level system essentially requires designing a special training program. As such, the shift from the second to the third level might...

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International Commercial Arbitration

Facts The case is an international commercial arbitration between Wright Ltd, the claimant, and SantosD KG, the respondent. The same company previously owned the two parties. The parties agreed to jointly develop TRF 192-I, which then be produced by the claimant for sale to the respondent. The respondent agreed to...

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