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Business Law

Economic Laws

Countries have different levels of development and economic prowess creating the cause for their inequalities. Over the years, countries have been classified in terms of their levels of development with the lowest being poor. This classification system has led to the question about the differences between poor and wealthy countries...

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Business Law Week 3 CLTC Assignment

One instance of corporate criminal liability is established by the Model Penal Code § 2.07 as occurring when a corporation “[omits] to discharge a specific duty or affirmative performance imposed on corporations by law.” Based on the tripartite test established in United States v. Agosto-Vega, corporate criminal liability requires the...

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Corporate Law

1. Briefly distinguish between shareholders, directors, and officers of a corporation and describe the dynamics between them. Which of them would hold the most power?Generally, shareholders are the owners (through investments in shares of stock) of a corporation and less involved in running the corporation, compared to the board of...

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Contract Law

The furniture is part of the sale because Standard Storage Company had an oral contract with Tri-County Investment Corporation and no actions, not even a written contract can supersede it. Standard Storage Company and Tri-County Investment entered into a legal contract when Standard Storage Company told Tri-County Investment that the...

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Cornell Code Corporation: Business Law

At issue in this matter is whether Cornell Code Corporation (Cornell) has a viable cause of action against Stanford Engineering, Inc. (“Stanford”) for defamation and/or predatory business practices where Stanford has created an advertising campaign claiming that Cornell has its customers “test” its software through use, rather than testing it...

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