PR DirectorThe importance of technological advancements in the world, today cannot be underrated. In order to keep pace with the progressions related to technology, elementary institutions must embrace the use of technological devices. CoolTech is committed to ensuring that the elementary learning institutions adopt the technology to perform various sophisticated operations for the learners and instructors. The structural and functional orientation of the laptops from CoolTech are tailored to the needs and expectations of the elementary institutions. Therefore, the initiation of this project is a typical representation of our organization’s intentions to move elementary education to another level.

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Business Manager
Competent business managers must embrace effective communication as a powerful tool for organizational activities. The business managers must ensure there are stable communication frameworks and structures to facilitate strategic communication in the organizations. The communication can also assist the managers acquired shared governance for organizational operations that is a major motivational tool for the organizations. The managers must also ensure that the communication models have effective reporting models to promote running of various business processes. Good communication is also a practical tool for the business managers to engage all stakeholders in the industry. The communication can also assist the business manager get feedbacks that are critical towards the creation of corrective mechanisms in the organizations.

Director of Finance
As a Director of Finance, the ability to create and execute organizational plans is a very crucial tool. Financial operations in an organization are very sensitive, and they require a good planning to enhance the feasibility of the organizational projects. Good planning will also ensure that all the financial statements in an organization follow the professional ethical and moral protocols as a way of enhancing professional integrity. Planning is also a good risk management strategy in the organizations because it heightens the level of resilience of the financial engagements.