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Business management

Netflix Business Model

Introduction Netflix is an online provider of internet only streaming media, where TV shows and movies can be watched exclusively online. Netflix was founded in 1997 by two software engineers Reed Hastings and Marc Rudolph. The intention of founding it was to use the internet to rent movies on DVD...

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Exit Interviews and Confidentiality

The treatment of confidential information is one of the most important ethical issue for staffing specialists, and specifically for human resources employees. When an employer promises employees that information will be remain confidential, they are obligated to keep this promise. On the one hand, it could be argued that it...

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Earning Management

Earnings refer to the profits that a company makes and is usually presented in the income statement. In accounting, as well as to the stakeholders, it represents the most significant parameter since it is a reflection of the performance of the given organization. In the capital market, earnings signal direct...

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Was Andrew Carnegie a Hero Essay

Andrew Carnegie passed away in 1919; however, his position as one of the most successful business men and philanthropists remains today. Both because of his work in business and in philanthropy, Carnegie was able to make a long lasting impact. Best known for his investments in the Pennsylvania railroad and...

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Change Sustainability in an Organization

After conducting research, it seems that having organizational leaders and executives that understand the importance of investing into their employees as humans and not commodities or resources of labor is one of the best ways to assess the potential of an organization’s ability to grow into becoming a learning organization....

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