Executive SummaryNew Orleans East Satin Dolls Dance & Drill Team is a new company that offers a variety of training for all ages. The company is operated by the CEO, Karen Jordan, and the Co-CEO, Jennifer Barre. Both partners have years of experience in the industry and a strong success rate with running a dance business. The dance director is Ray Monroe, and the dance teacher is Shana Monroe. The instructors are talented dancers who can teach students of all ages a wide variety of techniques and routines. New Orleans East Satin Dolls Dance & Drill Team’s primary market is children from 4-17 years old. They also have adult classes to teach a variety of different styles. The owners are focused on building a strong customer base and expand their expertise to a wide range of new dancers.

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Overview of New Orleans East Satin Dolls Dance & Drill Team
The New Orleans-based dance company has established a studio with substantial room to host the variety of classes. The facility is centrally located in New Orleans, allowing easy access to all residents. They have class rooms lined with mirrors to allow the students to watch their progress. The highly trained professionals have the experience to teach students of all ages different routines and dances. The company is focused on expanding their business and building a strong clientele to ensure successful operation well into the future. Currently, the company is open for business, but the hours of operation are appointment based. The owners hope to attract enough business to be open for walk-ins and to offer dance classes as a form of exercise.

Market Size and Overview
New Orleans has 343,829 people living in the community. It is also a popular tourist attraction which could bring an expanded customer opportunity. There are eighty-six schools in New Orleans, so it provides a vast opportunity to reach new clients who are interested in learning dance. There are also a large number of adults who frequent clubs, creating a desire to learn a variety of new routines. The population is continually increasing, and the demand for dance studios far exceeds the existing services provided.

Marketing Plan to Attract New Clients
The company has established two target markets, children ranging from 4-17 years of age, and adults who want to learn a particular dance style. New Orleans East Satin Dolls Dance & Drill Team will turn to social media as the primary source of marketing. It is cost-efficient, and it provides a substantial reach for getting the company name into the community. They will start with business pages, and encourage customers to check-in when they arrive for the classes. The secondary marketing plan will be to reach out to local schools and after-school facilities to reach the desired market. New Orleans East Satin Dolls Dance & Drill Team will create posters and flyers to attract new customers. It will provide contact information and services to potential clients.

Services Offered By the Business
New Orleans East Satin Dolls Dance & Drill Team offers a variety of services to meet the demand of their customers. The company holds dance recitals and has drill team for the boys. They train students in many different dance routines in preparation for parades. They also focus on majorettes, flag twirlers, pep squad, dance team, banner holders, flags, and more. The services offered to adults includes ballroom dancing, salsa, line dancing, bachata, and other specific dances that appeal to the older crowd. The professional instructors have a broad range of expertise, and additional services will be added as the demand requires. The company is focusing on the areas that have a high demand but are willing to expand their services based on the customer’s needs.