About Us We are a company that looks to curve and grow our niche in the trailer manufacturing industry that is based in the UAE. Our focus is specializing in diverse creations including custom food trailers and mobile homes. We can repair and also custom-fabricate modifications to any existing food trailer or mobile home. Additionally, we understand that our customer needs vary and it is for this reason that our prices are quite competitive, our products and services are of high quality, and our turnaround time is admirable. Our food trailers and mobile homes are tailored to suit and satisfy our client’s needs. We also specialize in purpose-built caravans that are made to meet the 21st century needs. These are built and customized according to the client’s specifications. We are always ready to provide any product range as per customer design and specifications, or we can customize according to the clients’ interests and requirements which are approved by the Civil Defense of Abu Dhabi.

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The trailer manufacturing industry in the UAE being relatively young, our vision is to become world- class manufacturers and suppliers of trailers in the UAE and globally. We look to have our fabricated structures as the most preferred choice in the UAE and international companies so that we can export our products. Our future goal is to become a company established on invention and flexibility and flourish as an international market actor in the production of high-quality caravans and food trailers.

Our mission is to be a leading custom food truck and mobile trailer manufacturer company seeing as there are not many trailer manufacturers in the UAE. We look to make sure that our customers’ trucks and trailers are made in accordance with their instructions and individual needs while at the same time making sure they are in accordance with UAE’s local and health regulations. We plan on having a strong dealership network with our customers so as to facilitate easy supply upon demand. Our company runs on the principles of; durability and after- sale services.