The contemporary world has been subjected to immense technological developments and innovations lately. Nonetheless, transitions and growths in network technologies have gone in handy with a number of challenges (Davidson, White & Taylor, 2012). For the case of e-commerce platforms, security is vital for secure and safe operation. Most e-commerce platforms rely on firewalls as the core source of security. Unfortunately, researchers have been imperative that firewalls do not provide reliable defense mechanism against potential security breaches. With that in mind, a number of security measures that include and are not limited to the IPS, intrusion detection system (IDS), vulnerability assessment tools and network scanners are used as part of the systems that are used to reinforce network security. With the current nature of cyber-security transitions, it is inevitably evident that protection of computer networks is a fundamental necessity.
Intrusion detection system (IDS) has consistently proved to be significant software that can be used to monitor suspicious activities such as intrusions in network systems (Davidson, White & Taylor, 2012). With IDS, institutions and individuals are empowered to detect the possibilities of network breaches in a variety of ways. There are a lot of intrusion detection products and devices in the market today. Additionally, intrusion detection firewalls have been vital in providing network defense although other defense mechanisms and software have been researched and developed. The basic role of the intrusion detection system is to detect the possibilities of network intrusions and other suspicious activities and provide the necessary alerts to the network administrators. With that in mind, the boss can utilize the intrusion detection system to detect the activities of unethical hackers who may try to find their way into the network system of the business.

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Ethical hacking is essentially one of the techniques that organizations and individuals can utilize to detect and consequently block network intrusions (Moussa, 2015). Thus, the boss can utilize the technique to monitor the activities that are undertaken within the network system of the business and determine points that appear vulnerable. Consequently, understanding how the forms of intrusion and the activities of different network users is the primary approach of establishing whether the network of the business is weak or not. A Dell 710 can be used as the IDS. Similarly, an event collector known as ARCSIGHT CONNAPP-C3400 IDS whose duty is to protect the network system against intrusion can also be employed. Thus, the combination of the two is recommendable for the business. The use of IDS will enhance the network security of the business (Moussa, 2015). It will also offer a convenient platform for the monitoring of the activities of the network users. That means that the network administrator will be able to view and consequently understand the messages that are conveyed in the network and if there are possibilities of suspicious activity or breach.

It will not be necessary to monitor the network 24/7. The reason behind the identification and installation of the IPS and IDS will be to monitor the company’s network system at all times. For instance, the IDS allows the users to maintain a high degree of security in situations where they are connected and distanced away from the network (Moussa, 2015). That is because the IDS is inherently customized to necessitate the command that is provided by a single user. It also provides real time protection responses to any cases of network breach. Furthermore, information that belongs to different users and network access are secured through firewalls that are subjected to constant update. Notably, the updates play a vital role in looking out for suspicious activities such as intrusions that could provide a pathway for unethical hacking and other threats.

A firewall that has been properly installed and maintained cannot be relied upon in the provision of defense against network breach (Moussa, 2015). The basic duty of a firewall is to ensure that communication has been enabled and monitored. That means that it cannot detect and block communications that could threaten or consequently damage the network of the business. Thus, it is important that other systems and appliances should be used to reinforce the security of the business’ network.

The intrusion prevention system (IPS) is a crucial network component that should not be avoided (Davidson, White & Taylor, 2012). The Source fire 8450 connected with Cisco ASA 5520 firewall is the IPS that we are currently using. Its role is to monitor the activities that are undertaken in the network as well as complementing the firewall. Considerably, a firewall is important in monitoring and preventing unauthorized users. However, the fact that it allows communication in the network means that an IPS is essential in an e-commerce network for monitoring and assessing all communications before being allowed through the firewall. Importantly, the IPS is significant in the sense that it can detect malicious data and disguised users that could damage the firewall.

To sum up, the transitions that have been realized in different parts of the world in terms of technology have been associated with the darker sides Therefore, the identification and installation of the IPS and IDS will provide a remarkable platform for the employees to monitor the possibilities of security breach in the e-commerce network. The IDS can be relied upon in monitoring the activities that are undertaken in a network around the clock (Davidson, White & Taylor, 2012). For the past couple of years, firewalls were used to detect the possibilities of network intrusion single-handedly. However, transitions that have been realized in Information Technology have made it vulnerable implying that it is no reliable. Importantly, it is high time that software that recently developed software should be embraced and installed to complement the task for a reliable and secure e-commerce platform.

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