Hello Mr. Dittmer,I would first like to thank you for your company’s reliable and consistent support throughout all of our past endeavors. I am writing you because we need to design and adminster a two hour seminar for our 20 office supervisors that will cover topics relating to sexual harassment and unlawful discrimination in the workplace. I understand that you require a three month advance notice in matters such as this and we are looking to schedule this seminar sometime in late August.

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We would need an outside expert on these matters to come in and be a trainer for the seminar. Would you and your company be able to provide us with one? If so, plesase let us know any resources and accomodations that they would need in order to be successful during our endeavor.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Author Name

I have gotten a final date, time, and resource list from Mr. Dittmer. The seminar will be held on August the 26th. He has assigned Deb Walker (Deb.Walker@wydadecs.com) as our lead trainer and has sent us her hotel and travel accomodation requests. I will be confirming these requests in an email later today.

From: Author Name (aname@bgh.org)
To: Deb Walker (Deb.Walker@wydadecs.com)
Subject: Final Accomodations
Hello Ms. Walker,

I am writing you to finalize your requests for accomodation for our seminar that will be held on 26 August, 2017. I understand that you will be staying in a single bed business class suite at the nearest LaQuinta Inn to the venue and will have a personal driver transport you from the airport to your lodging. The driver will escort you to the seminar and back as well. Is this correct? Please respond at your earliest convenience so we can arrange this for you.
Best regards,
Author Name