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Important Purchase

Important purchases are often those that cost the most, or perhaps which have other significance to us as consumers. We may have been led to such a purchase out of necessity, ego, or other factors. Most recently, I purchased an Apple iPhone 7 Plus Smartphone. This decision was predicated upon...

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Supply Chain

Supply chain management refers to the process of actively managing all activities on the supply chain in order to maximize value for the customer while at the same time ensuring that the organization is able to maintain and sustain a competitive advantage (Handfield, 2011). One of the many ways to...

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Strategic Alternative Bundles

Strategic alternatives offer companies the opportunity to maintain competitive advantage. Mostly, companies can adopt strategic alternatives when faced with uncertainty within markets or industries. Therefore, the strategic alternative bundles offer flexibility in dynamic industries through key functions to influence operational practices. Differentiation responds to a need for ensuring products and...

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Coursework – Chapter 19 Situation 2

(1) Insofar as Richeson’s business remains profitable, it appears that his main problem is not a lack of general manager ability, but rather either a time management problem or simply that he is overworked and taking on too many responsibilities. To the extent that this is the problem, then hiring...

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Typology Paper

The typology of my current activity, which is building an online business, is transaction intensive, not locally discretionary, is a service, and there is a known technology for developing it. In order to create this business, I will need to engage in extensive transactions with others in order to make...

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