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Developing Training Programs and Strategy

Part 1The desire to provide highly responsive customer service is the impetus behind Customer service training at Southwest Airlines. The achievement of this goal depends on the company’s ability to identify a training technique that aligns with this strategy. In my view, the airline should internal personnel and resources for...

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Find Strategic Opportunities

Abell’s three-dimensional business-definition modelIt was developed in the 1980s by Derek Abell. The theorist argued that strategic planning process represents the foremost principle for any enterprise. This process, according to Abell, is the mission statement (Houthoofd, Desmidt & Fidalgo, 2009). It serves to offer guidance or direction to an entity...

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Mary Kay Ash: Accomplishments in Business and Beauty

Mary Kay Ash was born on May 12, 1918-22, in Hot Wells, Texas. Her birth year remains uncertain: “Texas has no record of Mary Kathlyn Wagner's birth for 1918--the year she usually claimed--nor for 1916, the date cited second most often; she may have been born as early as 1915”...

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Related Parties

The company’s articles and agreement between shareholders provide rights to shareholders and these rights are commonly related to shares that belong to shareholders. The company’s founding charter or said differently the articles of association can be considered as the constitution of the enterprise, codification of the rules that govern the...

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Levels of Diversification

IntroductionCorporate level strategy refers to the specific activities that an organization undertakes so as to increase shareholder value and to be competitive in the market or industry (University of Arlington, 2008). The strategy is pursued by choosing and managing a range of businesses that compete in different industries or markets....

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