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Harvard Business Review

Typware should offer an international compensation plan that is sensitive to the societal conditions of countries outside of Germany where its management personnel are employed. The rationale for this decision is three-fold. First, Typware made an autonomous decision to venture “aggressively into international markets – not only in France, Spain,...

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The Theory of the Business

Not unexpectedly, theories of business exist in a wide range of forms, just as variations of such theories have evolved over the years to conform to social and economic changes. Arguably, traditional theories of business generally relied upon pragmatic concerns, autocratic leadership, and commercial ambitions as dominant. As business itself...

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Stages of Business Research

The study "Consumer Boycott Behavior: An Exploratory Analysis of Twitter Feeds" explores the power of a social media mediated boycott; their effects, causes, and ability to affect the entity being boycotted. The study was carried out at a time when the studies on the subject matter had not been thoroughly...

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Business Idea: A Mobile Fish Vendor

Fish is one of the most stable and nutritious sources of proteins in the society today. With the advent of various chronic medical conditions associated with the fast food sources of proteins and red meat, there is a need for the people to adopt the use of white meat that...

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Purpose Of Business

The purpose of the business is to fulfill its responsibilities towards different stakeholder groups which are not only shareholders but also include employees, customers, communities, and the government. This means the business should try to earn attractive returns for its shareholders while ensuring it engages in ethical business conduct and...

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