My main reason for choosing California Baptist College is that it will provide me with an opportunity to study a course in Organizational Management. This course will help prepare my career in management of businesses since I am aligned with engaging in income-generating projects. My background and foundation in health management will make it easier for me to sail through the Organizational Management course with ease and score highly. I received my Bachelor’s in Health Management and showed my commitment and dedication to go through education despite the few health challenges that I faced at that time where I was going through chemotherapy. I have intrinsic motivation and believe that I will maximize the opportunity I get at California Baptist University. Further, my strong communication and organizational skills will be pertinent when pursuing this course as I prepare for the long-term career engagement. Another purpose of entering the program is being equipped with more skills and sharpening those that I already possess. I believe that I will meet like-minded people whose intention is personal development with the objective of transforming the world through the knowledge and skills they possess. I believe in teamwork and uphold the values and virtues instilled in a group that commits itself towards development and engagement of other individuals with the aim of improving the standards of living of all persons.
I chose California Baptist University, as it will prepare me to handle the health issues facing the community. This comes from a personal level as I have had the first-hand experience fighting off cancerous cells in my body. I also joined a group of survivors and felt encouraged and motivated to know that many people are going through so much suffering. However, there is a gap in the provision of professional advice on how to cope with the challenges in health. I am also encouraged and challenged by the commitment my mother had when I was growing up as she was dedicated to putting me through the education system. Therefore, I have strong feelings that I will make a change in the society through the skills I currently possess and those I will acquire after going through my university of choice.

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I have both short-term and long-term professional goals, which I believe that I will attain them as long as I remain, dedicated, and committed to what I want to achieve. Some of my short-term professional goals include completing my academic journey and being employed by different organizations so that I can gain experience that will prepare me for the long-term goals. During my employment period, I will ensure to gain as much knowledge as I can so that I can prepare for the future of being in a management position. I will also ensure that I get a mentor that will guide me in my career as they provide insights and suggestions of areas I can improve myself as I prepare myself for the long-term goals. My specific goal in the long-term is holding leadership positions in management of organizations as I offer my wide knowledge and skills I will have acquired over the years through education and experience through working for others in different capacities.