This document shall summarize the natality sex ratios for the state of California for the years 1995-2002. The sex ratios will be categorized under the following races respectively: American Indian, African American, Chinese, and Caucasian. The sex ratios will also be sub-categorized further by year and ratio, in which male and female coincide. All data herein has been acquired via the Center for Disease Control and Prevention databases (2016).
American Indian birth totals between the years 1995-2002 remained fairly constant, however, were one of the lower total births of all categories present; thus indicating that total population of American Indians in California is relatively low by ratio. The data further indicates that for a majority of the years the male birth rate is slightly higher; between .50 and .51. The only year that indicated differently was 1996, wherein female birth ratios were higher than male births.

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African American birth totals between the years 1995-2002 were significantly greater than that of the American Indian birth totals; nearly 10 times higher. Total births also showed trend of steady declination over the course of the years present within the data. Additionally, the data specifies that the male to female birth ratio remained constant. Throughout all years present the male birth ratio superseded the female ratio. This could perhaps indicate a cultural inclination, in which male births are more-so desired than that of female births for the African American culture.

Chinese birth totals in California, between the years of 1995-2002 were slightly higher than that of American Indian birth totals, indicating that total population is also slightly higher than that of American Indians. The most interesting aspect lies within the sex ratio data for this cultural sub-group. As with the other categories it is indicated that the male to female birth rates are slightly higher, however, within the Chinese sub-category the male ratio is slightly higher than any other culture; computing between .51 and .52. It has been made common knowledge that Chinese culture holds high regard over male births; the presented data indicates that cultural beliefs may actually hold bearing over actual natality sex ratios.

The final category being covered in this document is that of Caucasian race. Total birth numbers indicate that the Caucasian race produces ten times more of the California population than that of the highest population indicated otherwise; assessing at over ten times greater than that of the African American race. Within the Caucasian category the natality sex ratios indicate that male births maintain a slightly higher ratio than that of female births; indicated by ratio numbers averaging about .51.

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