One of the fastest growing consumer goods in the hair care is shampoo, which vary in type and color. In fact, when they are displayed orderly, they attract every buyer’s attention. This is because each of them, especially ladies would wish to purchase the one that will make their hairs straighter, stronger, and silkier than others. It is crucial to note that many females are attracted by bright colors. In this view, Sunsilk, the shampoo that will be campaigned for will be of bright and attractive colors, such as purple. Sunsilk liquid is one of the biggest names in the hair care and is characterized by different sizes and improved formulas. It contains a freshening conditioner, which makes hair soft and manageable. It is appropriate for types of hair. It restored hair’s natural shine and was ideal for dull hair.

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Notably, many customers do not buy products, but brand name. In this context, the best brand name will be developed, and a suitable description will be provided. For example, using Sunsilk shampoo, phrases, such as promising salon-style treatment for hair will be used. Additionally, photos of prominent lady celebrities who have long hairs will be used to draw their client’s attention. Nevertheless, creative straight hair stories with bloggers will be employed to promote the product. Evidently, the role played by the social media platforms cannot be ignored. Thus, the campaign will use them because many people have access to them.

Moreover, customers will be allowed to try the samples and share their experiences in addition to interacting with them after trying the product to find out whose hair remained straight after different physical activities. To identify customers’ primary issues, there will be a comprehensive interaction with the clients. During the interaction process, customers’ worries about their hair will be identified, and weaknesses of other types of similar products will be discussed.

Significantly, the recommendations that will be made will be based on the customers’ critical issues identified. This will be done using the social media, whereby changes that have been done to improve shampoo and their functions will be discussed on televisions. Many consumers do not purchase products for the sake, but because of the benefits they are associated with. Thus, stressing the benefits of Sunsilk shampoo will be helpful in drawing the attention of many customers. Emphasizing will be achieved through the use of interactive storytelling in social media, such as YouTube that will be coupled with co-creating stories regarding the role played by Sunsilk shampoo in straightening hair. For example, the use of a YouTube channel that will be designed like a diary showing ladies sharing their hair fall stories and how Sunsilk shampoo rescued them will demonstrate to the users its benefits. Additionally, YouTube will be utilized to feature real women from different backgrounds portraying fashion and travel bloggers, make-up artists, and sharing their stories concerning the advantages of using the new product. A link will be featured to show that the product can be purchased online.

The campaign will be concluded by highlighting how the new product is effective compared with others and emphasizing its benefits. Besides, there will be a provision of the procedure of purchasing the product and the locations of the outlets. Any recommendation or question from the client will be welcome. In fact, giving customers an opportunity to respond to the challenges they have encountered will be critical to feeling free and gaining more insights regarding the product.

Concerning responding to the objection, attention will be given to it and in case it originates from misunderstanding, a clarification will be provided. If the opposition is based on other reasons other than misunderstandings, then, the relevant response will be supplied. For example, if will be about the weaknesses of the product, benefits, such as taking a shorter time to straighten hair will be used to counter the response.

Formal business letter to the supervisor
(Insert your personal address here)
(Insert your supervisor’s address here)
Dear Sir/Madam,
My name is (insert your name), and I am in your class. Following the requirement that we should select a product and develop a sales campaign, I have chosen Sunsilk shampoo and designed its campaign.

My campaign will utilize various strategies to ensure that the product many customers (ladies) are attracted to it. Since the world is driven by modern technology, most of the campaign will be done using it. I have given key attention to drawing client’s attention, who, in this case, will be ladies. This will be achieved using different methods, but the social media platforms will be central to all of them. Photos of famous celebrities will be used because everyone would like to be associated with a particular favorite person. YouTube will play a central role in my campaign, and it will show women from various backgrounds sharing stories about the hair fall when using other types of shampoos, and how Sunsilk has rescued them. Different types of bloggers, such as travel will be used. However, the campaign will also use a powerful brand name because it will be key to marketing. Emphasis will be given to advantages of the products and recommendations based on the weaknesses of other products will be availed to the customers. My campaign will make a close by giving the customers an opportunity to share their experiences and challenges they have with different types of shampoos and the new product. I will also respond to any objection concerning the information I will have provided. This will be done through clarification of the already given knowledge or adding new information.
It is my hope that you will consider my campaign because the product I have chosen is liked by many women, and there is a possibility that it will be purchased in large quantities.
Yours faithfully,
(Insert your signature)
(Insert your name)

Office Memo
To: My co-workers
From: (Insert your name)
Date: August 31st 2015
Subject: Sunsilk shampoo campaign
This is to inform you all with delight that I have selected Sunsilk shampoo and designed a campaign strategy as required by the authority. My decision was driven by the various benefits that are associated with the product. Sunsilk shampoo is one of the best consumer products in the hair care, and its campaign is expected to draw many of the customers.
My campaign will utilize various strategies to capture the attention of the clients. Each of us is aware of the significant role the modern technology plays in the competitive business environment. Thus, I will use it differently to ensure that the product gains a competitive advantage. YouTube has been chosen as key to my campaign, and it is expected to feature women from various backgrounds engaging in discussion about different types of shampoos. Co-creative stories will be shared through this social media platform. Televisions will be utilized, whereby different celebrities with long hair will be shown for viewing by the customers. I will interact with many women to understand their issues and challenges they may be encountering regarding other types of shampoos. In this context, I call all of you to help me to promote the product.

In conclusion, writing requires creativity and critical thinking. Applying the acquired knowledge is central to good communication skills. I have also learned that most of the knowledge that is obtained from class becomes relevant when it is applied. Besides, students learn best by doing. This is because I have understood better what I was taught in class by writing. However, I have faced a challenge because I had not known how to use YouTube in advertising. I have used the challenge to learn a new thing. Therefore, it is vital to practice to use the new forms of media because they are essential in effective communication.