My name is [Name] and I running for the governor of Texan as a Republican Party candidate. As a Republican, I have observed some problems in the current administration and I believe my contribution as the governor will greatly help in dealing with some of these problems. I expect great competition from the Democratic Party nominee but I am confident that I have great ideas that will change the lives of people in Texas if I am elected governor.

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The funding for the campaign will come from both large and small donors. When talking of small donors, I am referring to the money I will raise from individual contributions including friends, relatives, and family members. I expect to raise up to $200,000 from small individual contributions. The other funding will come from large donors, key among them being the super Political Action Committee (PAC). Here I expect to raise up to $500,000. Although the PAC may not fund me directly, I am convinced that my policies are life-changing and this is why will be interested in my agenda. The other large source I will be relying on is huge contributions from individual donors. Here I will be looking forward to capture the attention of like-minded and wealthy individuals who believe in my course and are willing to fund my campaign.

Abortion is a major issue that has raised a heated debate in all the fifty states in the United States. Personally, I believe in the value of life and my view is that no person should be allowed to take away another person’s life simply because he/she does not want to incur more expenses or does not like them. As the governor I will work closely with the people to re-define the abortion policy and ensure that all born and unborn children are well protected. In regard to education, Texas has not been performing well as expected. We will improve the sector by reforming the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) to ensure that it reflects the needs of all students and that it promotes uniformity in education. I will take a leading role in re-introducing legitimate capital punishment, with the key word being “legitimate.” As the governor, I will take a leading role in development of a comprehensive Energy plan that encourages the growth and use of energy from domestic sources. We will also re-define the Department of Energy.

To ensure continued environmental protection, I will lead the people in repealing the Environmental Protection Agency so that the private sector can be well regulated. Efforts will also be made to curb increased efforts of environmental groups. As the governor, I will strive hard to ensure that responsible citizens in Texas are allowed to carry guns for self-defense. However, only people with a proven track record will be allowed to carry the guns. I recognize the rights of gay people and believe that families should be redefined to accommodate gay couples. In regard to healthcare, I believe that people should be given the chance to negotiate with their doctors on the best care and its affordability. I will thus lead the motion to restructure the Affordable Care Act and the Patient Protection.

When I become governor, I will secure our borders and bring safety to all Texas citizens. To promote equality in salaries and wages, I will lead the repealing of the Minimum Wage Law so that it can reflect the current needs of the working population. To protect the integrity of our voter registration system, I will work with the people in restructuring the Voter Rights Act.

As the governor, I will implement the Healthcare Policy in Texas to improve peoples’ access to quality and affordable care. I will implement the policy mainly to address the rising cost of healthcare and this will be done by promoting competition in the delivery of healthcare and by reducing government interference.