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Colorectal Cancer

As the baby boomer generation has changed the face of elderly to the new middle aged adult, there are certain health factors that must be addressed in order to maintain that momentum. One of these health risks that are of great concern to those who are over the age of...

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Effects Of Melittin On Cancer Cells

In the pursuit of novel therapies for cancer, melittin has emerged as a potent possibility. Melittin is a peptide found in honey bee venom and has demonstrated a variety of biological and pharmacological applications (Jeong et al. 2014; Kohno et al. 2014). It has natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory properties...

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Thyroid Cancer

Cancer is a disease that will strike a large number of individuals. As such, it is important for a health care provider to understand the steps in its development. The annual incidence of thyroid cancer is approximately 60,000 cases. There are approximately 2,000 annual deaths from it. There are four...

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UV Rays and Skin Cancer – Xeroderma Pigment

Ultraviolet radiation is radiation that comes to the earth from the sun, in varying wavelengths that are shorter than the light we can see with the naked eye. The Skin Cancer Foundation reports that ultraviolet A or long-wave and ultraviolet B or shortwave rays can both produce damage in the...

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Breast Cancer

There is a growing awareness of breast cancer and early detection. It is still estimated that 40,000 people die yearly from this form of cancer. Significant studies and research has been concluded to find ties and potential prevention from this disease. This paper will analyze three different studies in attempts...

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Palliative Care

People, who work with adolescent have been paying increased attention to the problem of providing palliative care to children and adolescent. Palliative care is a complex of multidisciplinary services, which are provided to a person, who is seriously sick, regardless of the prognosis, regardless whether or not such a person...

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