Mechanical Engineering is a diversified career that deals with designing and manufacturing large systems from small individual devices. Mechanical engineers convert ideas into something tangible for the market. To venture into the career the thermal environment and physical forces of a product must be understood so that they can be designed in a way that withstands any external factors they will be subjected to when functioning (Pasqualli, 2011).Those who opt to choose this career can build a better future for themselves and the world at large. It is out of this reason that most of the engineers in this field are satisfied with their job and would most probably prefer the same career path again.
Other than being a secure profession with brilliant, long-term future occupants earn good salaries. From BLS database in 2014, a mechanical engineer earned an average of $ 83,060, with highest and lowest earning making $126,430 and $53,210 respectively (“Mechanical Engineers,” 2015).
The profession requires a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. In universities, the program entails courses in mathematics, design and physics (Science Alberta Foundation, 2014). Most colleges and universities offer 5-year programs that allow students to obtain both a master’s and a bachelor’s degree.
Mechanical engineers have an array of jobs to choose from as they can work in many industries and on many types of projects. However, they are majorly involved in companies that deal with manufacturing or designing of products (Budynas, Nisbett, & Shigley, 2011). They also come in handy when companies have a problem with their machinery.
The career has many cons and pros. One of the cons is that the field may require too much travelling. Although to some people it may be fun at first, with time it becomes tedious. Another issue faced in the field is the pressure of having to keep on acquiring more education. Moving on to the pros, jobs are flexible as engineers can work in a variety of industries. Additionally, they enjoy good money at the end of the month and reap off benefits such as health covers, holiday vacations and retirement plans.

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