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Career Exploration Paper

Career exploration is one of the significant achievements in life for everybody as Wilson and Powell, (2012) put it. Every person must have been interested in serving a particular career upon completion of the required studies and achievement of the conditions necessary for getting in that career. Since my childhood,...

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Career Path for Criminal Justice and Business Degree

The field of criminal justice offers a wide range of career paths and opportunities. One of the primary areas for employment is protective services. Professionals involved with protective services help to uphold society’s legal, moral, and ethical standards. Specifically, these professionals do the work necessary to prevent criminal activity and...

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Why I Chose Civil Engineering As A Major

Ever since I understood what my favorite uncle’s job entailed as a civil engineer, I have always wanted to study how to be a civil engineer and become like him. I believe that, in the engineering world, civil engineers are unsung heroes with their jack-of-all-trades reputation. Civil engineers have an...

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Event Management

Event management refers to the planning, co-ordination, running, development, and the creation of events such as conferences, parties, conventions, concerts, and ceremonies. During event management, the persons involved should understand the purpose, theme, audience, and venue of the anticipated event. Besides, the compatibility of the mentioned elements is vital for...

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Impact of Exponential Technology Growth on My Education and Career Path

In Ray Kurzweil’s 2005 TED talk “The accelerating power of technology”, he makes a strong case that both natural evolution and man-made technology are advancing at an exponential rate, and that this will have a dramatic impact our society in the near future. In this paper I consider how this...

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