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Careers in Criminal Justice

Individuals who wish to pursue careers in criminal justice have a wide variety of options. Some may choose to become policemen or detectives. These positions carry with them a high degree of risk and stress, but are essential to the safety of communities. Entry-level positons in these fields require law-enforcement...

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Narrative Vocational Report Sample

The digital vocational narrative will help highlight my career story. The YouTube videos that have been selected for the digital narrative are titled Vinnie Paz Full Excl. Interview (JMT) (found at and Dr. Phil Interviews the Interventionist on Prescription Drug Abuse (found at In the Vinnie Paz Full...

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Training Workshop Proposal

In order to quickly train cashiers on how to use the register, and measure the progress of each individual quickly and without bias, the best solution is to create a computer program simulating a cash register. The training session is designed for up to twelve people, but the number can...

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Pink-Collar Jobs

With rapid growth of service industry, so called pink-collar jobs have been on the rise. This term denotes the work that has traditionally been carried out by women as either their traditional function of household maintenance and caring for others or as hired labor. Today, pink-collar jobs include service and...

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Application of Principles of Professionalism

As a professional nurse who is responsible for the care of Mr. R., a 58-year-old patient who has recently underwent surgery. Mr. R. had colon cancer that resulted in a temporary colostomy. The first area of focus is to select a nursing theory that best suits Mr. R. situations. The...

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Allied Health Professions

Introduction According to The Association of Schools for Allied Health Professions website (2016), allied health professions include dieticians, medical technologists, respiratory therapists, speech language pathologists, physical therapists, and dental hygienists, among others. As a member of a health management team, I would interact with multiple specialties depending on my location....

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Insurance Profession

Insurance is defined as, “a system of protection against loss in which a number of individuals agree to pay certain sums (premiums) periodically for a guarantee that they will be compensated under stipulated conditions for any specified loss by fire, accident, death, etc.” (Neufeldt). As the definition indicates, insurance can...

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Becoming A Pharmacist

As long as I can remember I have always wanted to become a pharmacist and own my own pharmacy. I have always been drawn to chemistry and continue to be intrigued with how medicines can shape and ameliorate our lives. There are so many people who do not understand medicinal...

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Failure and the Ability to Succeed

Life is full of moments; some are great and others not so much. Success and failure is a common part of our everyday lives. Sometimes we win, and sometimes we lose. While failing is not ever our goal, we do learn from it and grow from it. It is in...

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Career Goal: Big Data Analytics

Introduction My future career aspiration is to become a big data analyst. Concisely, a data analyst is charged with the collection, processing, as well as the statistical analysis of data. Nonetheless, a bid data analyst deals with a much larger selection of data as compared to a data analyst, and...

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Becoming an Addictions Counselor in Florida

The requirements for becoming a certified addictions counselor vary by state. In my home state of Florida, the site which provides licensing qualifications can be found at: This site, which is called “The Counselor Licensure Process in Florida,” provides information about how to become certified in various types of...

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Career Goals in Medicine

The field of medicine has been a major interest to me since I was relatively young and when it came to choosing a major, the choice of pursuing nursing came to me naturally. I find the thought of taking care of others very intriguing and embarking on this career path...

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Unions and the Nursing Profession

Unionization offers different opportunities for nurses to obtain support and guidance regarding a variety of issues which impact the profession. Nurses who are union members must meet all responsibilities of the profession as required, advocate for their patients to meet their needs, and collaborate in teams to accomplish the goals...

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Nursing Unions and Collective Bargaining for APRNs (Advantages)

The role of nursing unions and collective bargaining for APRNs is multi-faceted. What began as the National League for Nursing (NLN) and American Nurses Association (ANA) has now expanded to numerous agencies representing the nursing profession. This expansion allows for further collaboration among organizations, which is the purpose for all...

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Career in Civil Engineering

Civil engineers are an integral component of society, and perform an array of duties and jobs that are essential to the smooth functioning of everyday life. I have always been keenly interested in a career in civil engineering, because of this fact. As an aspiring civil engineer, there are a...

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Career Planning

As someone who worked hard to succeed and do what I want to do in my life, I am motivated to keep working toward my goals. I am proud of my determination. With my future career goals centered on the hotel or restaurant industry, I am on a mission to...

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Five-Year Career Development Plan

As a nursing student, it is vital to develop the fundamental knowledge and skills essential to pursuing a career in the nursing field. The healthcare industry continues to evolve, and extensive education will prepare me with the tools needed to attain a position as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). Since...

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Healthcare Career Paper – Registered Nurse

JOB DESCRIPTION Registered nurses are health professionals who bear the mandate of offering patient care services to ill and sick individuals in nursing homes and other clinical settings. As part of the larger healthcare community in a hospital environment, they take part in the administration of drugs and provision of...

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Career Development Practice – Career Planning and Career Counseling

Career planning is fairly regarded as one of the fundamental components of effective HRM practices within organizations. Companies develop robust succession planning frameworks to facilitate employee development and career growth, while keeping these patterns closely aligned to their strategic organizational goals. In many respects, effective career development systems have the...

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Careers In Finance

People who have knowledge in finance can work as financial analysts who have the mandate of advising their clients about making financial investments. Also, they can function as personal financial advisors thereby using their knowledge about insurance, tax laws, and investments to advise other people techniques of meeting both their...

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