If I could be any famous historical character for one day, I would be American scientist Carl Sagan. I often complain people lose a significant deal of curiosity as they grow older but Carl Sagan lost none of it till his last moment on earth. I would like to experience the endless curiosity that defined Sagan’s life and that helped him find inspiration in the simplest of things.

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I am a great believer in knowledge but I also believe the value of knowledge is decreased if it is not shared with others. I would not only like to be as knowledgeable as Carl Sagan for a day but also be a teacher of science. I would educate as many members of the general public as possible in the hope that more children will pursue a career in science and help us reach new interstellar worlds in the near future. I would also hope my teaching efforts will help people become more productive members of the society because educated citizens support capable leaders and sound policies.

I would also use my influence to persuade the governments to do more to combat the climate change as well as fund space research programs. The earth is our only home for the time being and if we lose it, we will not have another home to go to. But at the same time I will also remind the world that the only true insurance for our species is to explore new worlds. The dinosaurs ruled the world for millions of years yet they became extinct because they did not have an alternative home. Thus, it is our responsibility to take care of the only home we have now until we have established new homes somewhere else in the universe.