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Case Law

Morrison v. Peach, Inc.

I. Negligence A. Conclusion Based on the case presented before the court, Peach should be held accountable for Morison's damage. First, the company should ensure that it abides by the law by providing guidelines that prohibit texting while driving. When the phone user goes ahead to text while driving like...

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Legal Case Review Report

In the case Martin V. Abilene Regional Medical Center 2006 Tex. App. LEXIS 897, Rick Martin was a patient at the Abilene Regional Medical Center where he was served under the care of Dr. Thorp Gorman and other nurses. In this case, Mr. Martin is suing Cardiology Consultants if Texas...

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The Daubert Standard in Barefoot v. Estelle

The Daubert Standard provides for opposing motions, as well as judicial discretion, in certain cases involving the presentation of ostensibly scientific testimony presented at trial. The standard grew out of a series of cases in the 1990s in which so-called 'expert scientific testimony' was crucially questioned by counsel. In common...

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Case Study Analysis: The Enrique Camarena Case

Special Agent Enrique Camarena worked with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) from 1974 through his abduction and murder in 1985 (Drug Enforcement Agency, n.d.). Special Agent Camarena was in Guadalajara, Mexico investigating a narcotics ring. After uncovering the drug trafficking ring that was headed by Rafael Caro Quintero, Special Agent...

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Anti-Miscegenation Statutes in the US

Case 1: McLaughlin v. FloridaThis case was heard in 1964, and in it the court heard an appeal by Dewey McLaughlin, who was trying to overturn a conviction handed him for co-habiting (sharing an apartment) with Connie Hoffman, a white woman. McLaughlin argued that he was not black- despite his...

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