John’s objective is to find employment. He has been unemployed for nearly a year. While he is certain due to his experience to find a good job, he does not expect to work for his former firm. However, the unexpected has happened. John is now contemplating on whether to go back to his former company or find a new job. Indeed, he is in a difficult situation in view of how he lost his job.

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John lost his job due to an error committed by the management. Desiring to cut costs, the firm resolved to outsource its IT. In spite of his experience and loyalty to the firm, the company could not give him another position. Instead, like other employees, he lost his job. It would have been another case had he been dismissed because of his mistakes. He would have no reason to blame his former company. Because he was dismissed without any good reason, he has the right to consider whether going back to the company is a good option.

A good company would have offered him another position. That would have been the best way of showing gratitude to his services. To John, his former company is unappreciative. The firm seems to be more interested in making profits than improving the welfare of its staffs. With this mentality, any rational employee would think twice before accepting a job in the firm. No one wants to accept a job that has no security. This is what seems to be troubling John.

The first alternative for you is to forget the past and take the job. The fact that the firm has offered you another job means that your services are so much needed by the company. It also means that the firm is ready to offer you good employment terms. You ought to make good use of this occasion to press for better employment terms. Rejecting the offer is not a wise solution in view of the fact that you are unemployed. Moreover, you need to keep yourself updated about what is happening in the IT world. You know very well that the IT world is evolving very fast. What may be applicable today may not be applicable tomorrow. Thus, getting back to the company will keep you updated.

The second alternative is to reject the position and find another job with Jooble search, for example. The fact that you are unemployed does not mean that you accept any job offer. Some jobs are just a waste of time. A good job is that which has job security. It is indeed unwise to accept a job that you can be fired in the next minute. The just stated introduces the aspect of reviewing the employment contract of a firm prior to signing. While rejecting the offer would make you jobless, it will save you from the stress associated with unexpected dismissal from employment. With your experience, it is only a matter of time before you find another job.

Of the two alternatives provided, I recommend that you go for alternative two. Your former company has demonstrated that it is not a good place for any enterprising employee. It has also demonstrated that it is unappreciative. The fact that you have been recalled does not mean that the firm has changed its policies. The company seems to be interested in you when it is in a problem. That implies that when a better solution to downsizing is discovered, there is a high probability for you to be dismissed. My suggestion is find another job. To avoid facing the same issue in future, always go through the employment contract for a firm. Accept jobs that guarantee you job security.