St Dismas Medical Center is a 450 bed rehabilitation hospital that is having a decline in admissions. The hospital focuses on rehabilitation of severely injured catastrophically ill patients. There has not been much of a demand for severely injured patients due to seat belt laws and helmet regulations (Meredith, 2014). The hospital had to do something to resolve this problem for the future of the organization. The CEO of the hospital Fred Splient M. D. called for a strategic planning meeting. Dr. Splient was a good choice as the project manager for the assisted living facility (ALF project). A good project manager is organized and knows how to lead (Levinson, 2008). Dr. Splient took it into his own hands to come up with an idea that came to him as his parents lived with him and were aging with many medical problems just like those of the elderly in their population. Hi idea was to have an expansion of the Medical Center’s campus to include an assisted living facility.

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Dr. Splient put together a business development team that did investigation from other facilities and determined how much the cost would be to start up such a project. Dr. Splient has the interpersonal skills and professional competencies to continue to investigate the project to make sure it would become a reality. He pursued the project and set up a team to help with investigating to ensure it was the right project for the hospital. He presented it to the board and provided all the details needed to work the project. Someone that has put that much effort and knowledge into the project should be the manager.

Once the project was approved by the board and the date that they wanted the faculty to open was by June 2000 as the statistics showed that summer was the easiest time of the year for adult children to assist their parents in finding alternative to independent living arrangements. The name of the project was the AFL project. Dr. Splient then set up a team that would be responsible for the AFL project (Meredith, 2014). At the launch meeting Dr. Splient decided to include the following staff:

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) (Meredith, 2014).
Vice President of Business Development and Marketing (Meredith, 2014).
Rehab Services Medical Director (Meredith, 2014).
Construction Project Manager for capital facilities projects (Meredith, 2014).
Chief Operations Officer (COO) (nursing, facilities, food services, and housekeeping) (Meredith, 2014).
Director of Information Services (Meredith, 2014).
Director of Support Services (central supply, purchasing, and security) (Meredith, 2014).
Two members of the Board of Trustees, one with construction experience and the other a probable electee to the city council. (Meredith, 2014).

The team Dr. Splient assembled was an effect one as it provided all the important people needed to run the facility as well as people with construction background. Two example of how he assembled a successful team are with the use of directors who have experience with this kind of work. The second is with getting people who had construction background to ensure that the work is done correctly.

There are two key players that need to be added to the project management team rather than just one. It would be a Director of Nursing and a Medical Director. The Director of nursing will provide information on the care of patients and their needs. The Medical Director is able to provide the overall healthcare strategies. Both members are key players needed in dealing with elderly patients.