Problems Posed by the IssuesDr. Elaine Conklin is the current Superintendent of the Green River School District. Her actions and restraints have yielded her an extent of success in the establishment of harmonious association between the teachers, the community, and the union. This led to the adoption of her recommendation. The most conspicuous problem emerging from this issue is the problem of a resistance to change or reforms which, according to the superintendent, are the required tools of progress.

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Criteria for Satisfactory Solutions
For Dr. Conklin, there are two avenues of finding a solution to the situation presented by her moves. There are several factors to consider prior to making the ultimate choice and course of action. First, it is prudent to consider that her term of contract could be ending and she might be out of the office the contract is not renewed. Secondly, there are is an imminent need to consider the plans that she had for the Green River School District when she crafted the recommendation. When all these are all considered and holding on to the principle of the ethical greater good in the process of change, she can choose to stay or leave.

Strategies and Consequences
Adopting either of the mentioned strategies have diverging end points. If she chooses to hold her position of liberalism and lack of interest in politics, the board members are likely to vote her out of the office. On the other hand, if she heeds the advice from the various quarters and supports the re-election of the incumbent board members, the chances renewing her contract are raised higher. The result of this is that she could get a chance to proceed with her leadership philosophy of creating positive reforms.

The decision
From the foregoing, it is within the realms of reason to conclude that the Superintendent’s moves are both ethical and politically apt. The hurdle in this situation is the resistance to positive change and a desire to remain with the status quo. Therefore, the best decision is to endorse one or both of the incumbents who seek re-election depending on their manifestos. This move is a guarantee ticket to continue with her development agenda.