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Jetsmarter Marketing Case Study

One of the most interesting companies in the corporate world today is Jetsmarter. The new private jet company claims to be changing the game for private aviation, but there are some reasons to doubt the validity of their claims. While Jetsmarter has made a big splash, the market fundamentals behind...

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Mary Kay

Invented in Dallas, Texas Mary Kay Cosmetics is a global producer as well as a distributor of beauty commodities, cosmetics, toiletries, accessory items and products that are meant to improve the health of one’s hair regardless of the type or texture (Ash, 2003). Brought into being in the early 60s...

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Employee Profile Case Study

First of all, Jimmy Brown holds a supervisory position and is responsible for a team morale and performance. In his case, the team is less multi-generational: the majority of his subordinates is within 20-40 years old, with only one outlier, which is closer to Jimmy’s own generation (above 50 years...

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Global Exposure Case Study

Business entities are very dynamic in the world today. The current business platforms and platforms are subjected to high levels of complexity because of the high rate globalization and the consistent change of the needs and expectations of all stakeholders in the business industry. A few years ago, most of...

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Corning Glass Works International Case Study Analysis

Corning Glass Works International has seen a major rise since its birth. It expanded from strength to strength over the decades, providing products in the United States and later to all over the world. The pioneer products were entirely glass-made but, diversification made it possible for other products to be...

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