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Case Study

Dermatology Case: Body lice

The patient was an 11 year old female. She presented herself with complaints of unusual fatigue and red welts on her calves and ankle areas on both legs. The welts were small and red and there was a darkening of the skin around the irritated areas. The skin was appeared...

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Case analysis

Guided by managerial accountability precept Woolsey would have to take up the role of the executive rather than the judge; thus, firing the CIA officers named in the inspector general's report such as the DO Ted as it would require he show authority by demanding responsibility of Aldrich Ames' actions....

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Marketing Case Study: JC Penney and Johnson

Over the years, the company has been successful until its management came up with new pricing strategies that would only hurt the company. Business magazines, reviewers, and analyst say that these new pricing strategies by J.C Penney are a strategic mistake that will haunt J.C Penney. On the other hand,...

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Hotel and Motel Management

From the details in this case, it is apparent that the case, Romanski v. Detroit Entertainment L.L.C., relates to false imprisonment of a guest who had visited a hotel establishment. In this case, the guest, Stella Romanski and her two friends had visited a casino operated by the defendants, Detroit...

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Case Study Analysis

The fundamental reasons for Gate Gourmet’s success in today’s market is that they provide one-stop shopping for the airlines. The case study describes every details of the services that Gate Gourmet provides, which includes everything from meal preparation to headphone service. Because Gate Gourmet is able to offer this comprehensive...

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