I support catholic education that focuses nurturing believers in a holistic manner, which is typified by both spiritual and scholarly advancements. Leaders that foresee catholic education aim at creating surroundings that support evangelization that equips school and society members with the knowledge of the Gospel. I have a positive attitude toward the philosophy of serving persons of all ages, for example children and adults, in the faith community. As any other believer, I feel it is quite inspiring to be a member of the Catholic believers and to be in the presence of the believers who seek to understand themselves. A fascinating experience I remember is Baptism in the Catholic Church. People are transformed into true believers. To add to the personal experiences, I have benefited in my formal learning in philosophy studies and Christian religious studies, which are quite absorbing due to their ability to provoke the reflection on my personal beliefs.My philosophy is further shaped by evaluations that incorporate sociological and the psychological explanations and a further consideration of the logical criticisms that are brought up against the faith. Finally, I have developed a firm philosophical approach to the faith as a result of reading books and analyzing other religious materials, and I believe that through the understanding of the Catholic historical context, we will become stronger believers. Strong believers in societies acquire the Gospel teachings in regard to living well, and actively participating to care for others.

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