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Analysis of Hope

When Pope Francis was installed as pope, he immediately issued the “The Gospel of Joy,” and in doing so, he offered his implicit judgment that there is a reason for people to be hopeful of what the world can be. While Immanuel Kant believed that there were a few different...

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The Catholic Church

The Catholic Church remains one of the most ancient Christian religious institutions. Alongside the Orthodox Church, from whom the Catholic Church split in 1054, because of a formal schism concerning issues such as papal authority and theological disputes, for example, concerning the doctrinal formulation of the “filioque”, the Catholic Church...

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Significance Of Catholic Church In Medieval Europe

During the Medieval Europe, two different Christian churches emerged, the Roman Catholic Church in the West and the Orthodox Christian Church in the East. However, the Roman Catholic Church later grew and became the prime stabilizing force in Western Europe playing significance roles in the medieval society. The Church was...

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Fundamentals Of Catholicism

The Meaning of Catholicism as a Culture Sharing Group A culture-sharing group is a tight community where culture is transmitted from generation to generation and from one individual to another. In addition, by sharing the same values and principles, and being in constant interactions, the members of the group are...

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Symbolism in Vermeer’s Allegory of the Catholic Faith

A well-known painting by Jan Vermeer Allegory of the Catholic Faith appears to be deeply symbolic and interesting to analyze. Despite being created in nearly 1670, the painting matches the principles of art criticism provided by John Berger in Ways of Seeing. Among the range of features and senses that...

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Bible Questions

1. The corpus provides us with a way of understanding the Bible more completely, and it has developed significantly over time. From the Arad Letters to the Lachish, the corpus has significantly aided in understanding and the interpretation of Old Testament texts. Over time, people have discovered more and more,...

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Catholicism vs Christianity

If it is believed that Jesus Christ died on the cross and was born from the Virgin Mary, does that make someone Christian or Catholic or both? There are many similarities in addition to solid differences amongst the two. Everything from beliefs to salvation and even worship styles are a...

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Alexander Pope’s Cosmology and Anthropology in Essay on Man

In his Essay on Man Alexander Pope presents the reader his own cosmology, wherein the human being plays a decisive role: it can be stated that Pope outlines his cosmology from the perspective of the human being. Simultaneously, however, this does not mean that Pope in some way privileges the...

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Roman Catholicism

Roman Catholicism has served as the primary spiritual and religious presence throughout Western civilization. It is one of three primary branches of Christianity alongside Protestantism and Eastern Orthodoxy. With billions of Roman Catholics throughout the world, it draws interest toward such a prominent religion. From its origins to the way...

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St. Francis of Assisi and Lasting 21st Century Impacts: Parallel to Pope Francis

Born in 1181, St. Francis of Assisi was one of the most influential Roman Catholic saints of modern times. Known for his extreme asceticism, monasticism, passivism, and self-denial. St. Francis was a pioneer of modern ecological and animal rights activism. He was a reformer known for his unorthodox and eccentric...

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Pope Francis

Pope Francis is one of those pontiffs, who particularly emphasize the importance of caring for the nature and related issues. He has made a point of his intentions to be insistive and sequent in his actions, trying to persuade world’s leaders of the necessity to make efforts aimed at decreasing...

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