Stress is when someone feels tense or is worried about something. Students in college face a lot of difficulties because of the adjustment between high school and university life. Stress becomes a common ground for many college students. If someone cannot manage his/her schedule, consequently, they may lose control and may end up with big problems. Some causes of stress on college students are financial worries, managing jobs and classes, achieving good grades, and thinking about their future.
Firstly, some students do not receive scholarships; which means they have to rely on their parents or themselves to pay for tuition, meals, books, and housing. As a result, many students have to work part-time jobs to help pay for some of these expenses. Having a job can interfere with one’s class or the student ends up sacrificing studying time in order to go to work. For example, some jobs require day or night shifts and students feel the burden to get to work on time or risk being fired.

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Secondly, the pressure to achieve good grades is a big stress factor for many students. While some excelled academically in high school and find the transition to college easy, others may find it very difficult. Some high school classes may seem very easy but at the college level, some classes may require up to three hours additional of studying time. If a certain GPA is not met, a warning can be given to a student to maintain the minimum standard for academic standing. The pressure from families to achieve good grades can be enormous as well, especially if a scholarship is at risk.

Lastly, thinking about the future can often cause stress in students. For example, many students cannot focus on their studying because they believe there could be no jobs for them in the future. Pressure from parents can increase the burden as well. Some parents want their children to major in fields like medicine or law which require additional years of schooling that the student can find burdensome. Thinking about the future can be stressful but the best way to solve this problem is by asking for advices from guidance counselors or advisors in school.

In brief, there are many causes of stress in young adults. Financial problems, managing jobs, and thinking about the future are some of the biggest factors. Asking for advices from experts can make some students feel at ease and less stressed so that they can achieve their accomplishments.