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Organizational Change

It is common to experience resistance when implementing a new change in an organization. Resistance to change is a normal reaction from the employees in the organization. Resistance to change is one of the most recalcitrant and baffling problems that senior management face (Griffin, 2013). Resistance to change takes different...

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Organic Change

Psychologists have found that people can face adverse life events better when they can create and find meaning in those events. People can appreciate the situation better via an explanation for the development, by acknowledging its occurrence, or by just understanding why it happened. By recognizing more benefits than adverse...

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Implementing Change

Typical organizations are characterized with the operation of various processes. These processes often require professionals in different areas of expertise. Therefore, classical organizations have different departments and groups that work together to ensure that all the operations in the organization are handled well. Due to globalization, the environments within the...

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Cultural Changes

Topic One With regard to advocacy or innovation as best enabling a Christian leader's influence over culture, it is important to recognize that these qualities are by no means mutually exclusive. There is in fact within advocacy the enormous potential to generate innovation, and through direct and indirect avenues. As...

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Implementation for Policy Change

Policy Problem: How do corporations with religious objections to contraceptive coverage in employee healthcare plans reconcile with the ACA's requirement that women be given coverage for contraceptive care. Corporations with religious objections to contraception oppose contraception on religious grounds that it is morally wrong and tantamount to God’s will. But...

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