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Managing Change _ Christina De Dona

Chapter 2 The advantage of a bright spot is that one can choose to change a bad situation into a good one, which may be beneficial to an individual or society. It is up to us to identify areas in life that can be beneficial to us and make the...

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‘Resistance To Change’, Leadership And Management

Concept Definitions Palmer (2004) defines ‘resistance to change’ – the lack of acceptance of change by the people affected while Dent & Goldberg (1999) believes that people do not really resist to change but elements like loss of status among others. Rowitz (2010) sees management as a basic administration process...

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Leading in a Culture of Change

There exists significant temptation and, indeed, a near-compulsive need among managers to be in control of every aspect of a business"s operations. Leaders are trained from an early age that it is their role to use processes and their own smarts to ensure that a business is, above all else,...

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Change for Change’s Sake

Change is a process used by organizations that seek to achieve greater competitiveness and profits. Change is believed to be a relevant response to the changing environmental demands. Through change, organizations enhance their flexibility. They use change to adjust to the emerging demands of the market and business environments. Still,...

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Positive Social Change

My commitment to positive social change was instrumental in my finding my niche in psychology. There are very few fields where social change is seen as being critically important in health and well-being, and there are few careers where advocating for social change can be a part of one’s job....

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Trans Theoretical Stages of Change

Beginning of the therapy session The case shows that the client was in a situation that could inflict harm on herself or another person. The client feels like the only solution to her problem is inflicting harm to others who get into her way of happiness (Prochaska, 2013). The client...

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Applying Change, Leadership, and Advocacy Theories to Disadvantaged and Vulnerable Populations: Low-Income Communities

Disadvantaged Population: Low-Income Communities Low-income communities are communities in which a significant percentage of the population is living below the poverty line. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the poverty guidelines dictate: $11,770 is the poverty line for one person households, $15,930 is the poverty line...

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Change Management Leadership

When it comes to the potential for being an effective change management leader, I think it is safe to say that I have all the “right stuff.” As my life experiences have proven, I am incredibly focused, diligent, and I am tough-minded enough to make the hard decisions that are...

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