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Behavior Change

Anyone who knows me is aware that I am generally a very vocal individual. When there is a conversation going, I am right at home. If there is not, then I typically strike up a conversation just to avoid the awkward silence. I enjoy interacting with others through telling stories,...

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Managing Change _ Christina De Dona

Chapter 2 The advantage of a bright spot is that one can choose to change a bad situation into a good one, which may be beneficial to an individual or society. It is up to us to identify areas in life that can be beneficial to us and make the...

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‘Resistance To Change’, Leadership And Management

Concept Definitions Palmer (2004) defines ‘resistance to change’ – the lack of acceptance of change by the people affected while Dent & Goldberg (1999) believes that people do not really resist to change but elements like loss of status among others. Rowitz (2010) sees management as a basic administration process...

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Leading in a Culture of Change

There exists significant temptation and, indeed, a near-compulsive need among managers to be in control of every aspect of a business"s operations. Leaders are trained from an early age that it is their role to use processes and their own smarts to ensure that a business is, above all else,...

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Change for Change’s Sake

Change is a process used by organizations that seek to achieve greater competitiveness and profits. Change is believed to be a relevant response to the changing environmental demands. Through change, organizations enhance their flexibility. They use change to adjust to the emerging demands of the market and business environments. Still,...

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