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Ask Code Switch Episode Analysis

A recent episode of Ask Code Switch on NPR explores the question of whether it is inappropriate to use skin a different skin color than one’s own while choosing emojis in text messaging. The program host, Kumari Devarajan, spoke with a parent who posed this question after her 15-year-old daughter,...

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A Charity Or Organization That Deserves Support

Many charities deserve to be supported. Diseases harm and kill all the time, for example. Cancer, heart disease and others then call for large support. Then there are situations in the world that are terrible and whole populations need help. This is true when natural disasters strike or when people...

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The Principle Of Charity

In the following essay, I would like to consider the principle of charity and how it can be applied in conflict situations. In particular, in daily life, people often misunderstand each other. This occurs on multiple levels: from politics and media, to simple daily situations in a family or work...

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Charity Organization Society Verse Settlement Houses

Since the early 19th century, people have founded organizations that aim to improve people’s welfare. These organizations are mainly divided into two broad categories: Charity Organization Societies and Settlement Houses. Charity organizations were formulated with the purpose of providing funds to the poor and disadvantaged in America while Settlement Houses...

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The Children’s Hunger Project

The organization was founded with the goal of feeding hungry children in schools. It is supported by the belief that only well-fed children can absorb whatever they are being taught in the classroom. The firm implements its feeding program at the elementary school level and it is steered by an...

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