The model of charter schools that is currently growing in some problematic districts of the Untied States proves its effectiveness through the new models of management and operations. For instance, one of the explicit examples that prove the effectiveness of the charter schools was presented in the Wall Street Journal where a member of Harlem community in New York City explains the effectiveness of the charter schools. One of the greatest advantages of the charter schools comparing to public schools is that such types of schools are more student- and teacher-oriented. That leads to the growing motivation for studying and results in the better performance.

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The structure of the environment in the charter schools differs, too. For instance, students, parents and teachers are united in their vision of education and schooling, and refer to the adopted charter for the reference. Additionally, the model of charter schools allows teachers to perform higher quality of education and to consequently receive the increased salaries. In that regard, the existence of charter schools is certainly beneficial for the communities, especially facing issues related to inequality and high dropout rates in the regular public schools.

At the same time, the highly beneficial model of charter schools creates inequalities between the students studying in regular public schools and those who had a chance to study in charter schools. Also, one of the aspects that requires further elaboration is the work on tenure for teachers. Charter schools should present themselves in such a way that teachers will be actively attracted to join them. If that will be the case, the transformative nature of charter schools will become more sustainable. Also, those who claim that charter schools are bad operate with the examples that their creation leads to the disappearing of money, and an increase of violence between the charter schools and public schools.

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