Chemistry is a word that means more to me than its simple nine letters. It is my dream career and my daily inspiration. My academic interest in taking chemistry has been through a life long journey full of discoveries. I have a few things which spark my interests; I was therefore surprised when I was bought a chemistry toy set at the age of 10 which I treasured dearly. That toy set marked the beginning of my life as chemistry academic.

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With the use of a simple toy, an interest so deep started growing. It was like discovering a whole new world that I had no idea existed. The solutions with their beautiful colors coupled with experiments opened a door way that I could not help but keep it open.

During middle school; I was more than ready to join the chemistry class. Chemistry lessons were a melody that I slowly grew fond of. y best moments were those that I spent in the chemistry laboratory mixing different solutions and creating new effects. I enjoyed the lessons so much that I became a volunteer for my teacher. I was eager to set up the tools required during the lab session as well as create a sample for the class experiment. My curiosity for the new experiments and what they would bring forth was immeasurable.

At the age of 16 years; we had to relocate to the United States. I knew something bigger in chemistry was awaiting me in my new school. I took AP chemistry in my sophomore year and that is when chemistry took a new turn for the better. There were endless opportunities to grow my interests in chemistry including joining a chemistry club. We not only made simple experiments; we made things that we find in day to day life. We made soap and ice-cream; this was not only interesting, it was very educative and enlightening. I have not looked at ice cream or soap the same way again. I find it as a science that can only be solved through chemistry; something achievable. The knowledge was too interesting to keep to oneself. We therefore formed a study group with my peers whose main aim was to pass the basic and interesting chemistry knowledge to other students especially the middle school.

Chemistry is a mysterious phenomenon for me and I have realized that the more I learn new things; the more I can’t get enough of it. I look at things differently now; not with ignorance but with knowledge. I have come to appreciate chemistry even much more because it is linked to all the aspects of our lives. Everything that we use in our daily lives has a direct relation to chemistry.

After taking organic chemistry in college; I had no doubt in my mind that this is the subject I want to pursue as my life long career. I therefore would appreciate the opportunity of advancing my knowledge in the next graduate level. I cannot help but imagine the mysteries that lie ahead for me to discover. I have learnt so much since my first experiments with my chemistry toy kit; it does not get complicated as I advance, it gets interesting. I do not like keeping the knowledge to myself; I like spreading it to other students. It pleases me to see someone else appreciate chemistry through me. I am hoping that I can become a TA or a chemistry teacher some day. This will give me the most joyous career of my life; letting more people discover the glamour that is chemistry.