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Soap Making

In chemistry, soap is a salt of long chain fatty acid. They are mainly used for cleaning, bathing and washing. Washing soap is obtained by treating vegetable or animal fats and oils with a strong solution of alkali. The alkali solution known as lye bring about saponification reaction that involves...

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Gastrointestinal Tract: Disorders

Gastric acid secretion and production is directly subjective to histamine. The secretion of the chemical occurs in the oxyntic (gastric) glands (Chris, 2014). The cells that are responsible for the secretion of the acid are known as enterochromaffin-like cells abbreviated as ECL. The nervous systems and the endocrine system advance...

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How Ppar Gamma Affects Mechanisms Of Autophagy Pathway Due To Acrolein Reactivity

Acrolein is a toxin which can be produced endogenously, obtained from the diet, or organisms can be exposed to it in their environment. Because of the multiple routes of exposure and its high level of toxicity, there have been many studies which have looked at the mechanisms of acrolein-induced toxicity...

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Manganese is a chemically active element which is pinkish-gray in colour and a member of group 7 elements. Its atomic number is 25 and it is symbolized as Mn. Besides being a very had metal it is also very brittle. It does not melt easily and like iron it rusts...

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Acrolein Toxicity

Acrolein is an unsaturated aldehyde which recently has become to be known as being a serious environmental health hazard. There are several different ways in which humans can be exposed to acrolein, these include oral through food and drink, respiratory through inhalation of cigarette smoke or car exhaust or exposure...

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