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Childhood Memory Essay

Life could be defined as a series of lessons. There are some lessons we forget soon but others stay with us for a long time. An incident happened to me when I was in grade 5 and even though it was not a positive incident, it did teach me the...

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Carbohydrates And Food

The quality of food and the products that individuals consume have considerable effects on their health and wellbeing. A person is everything that he or she eats. It is an axiom, which thousands of people in the United States and worldwide fail to acknowledge. As the burden of chronic illness...

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A Happy Memory from My Country

The value of a thing is not always determined by its price. Something a thing has more value for us because of the memories attached with it. My most treasured item is the gift I got from my father after I graduated from high school. The gift holds special meaning...

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Infant Car Seat Safety

Infants require the use of car seats as passengers in vehicles at all times, and these seats must meet the required safety standards and specifications established by state and federal law. It is important to provide infants with the best possible car seat to ensure their safety during periods of...

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Interview with an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher

In November 2016 I had the opportunity to meet with Marie on a Sunday afternoon by video chat. Marie works as an early childhood special education teacher for the public school system in Fredericksburg, Virginia. She was not comfortable with the idea of video or audio taping the interview, so...

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Racism and Child Development

Racism has an extremely negative impact on everyone, both adults and children. Children who have been exposed to racism may have impaired emotional, physical, and mental development. They may have trouble in school, they may have problems with nonverbal communication skills, and they may have problems with self esteem and...

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Language and Literacy Development

Learning is a continuous process that starts from a young age throughout to the old age. Globalization has significantly impacted on the modern learning process. Modern schools constitute students from varying language backgrounds. Some students are natives while others are non-native. The native students are those that the teaching dialect...

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Abstract: The Birth of Childhood

Introduction There is a unique contrast between primates such as chimpanzees and human beings in regards to feeding, as humans must rely upon another individual to be fed at least until the age of six (Gibbons, 2008). This is a situation unlike any other primate in that human beings are...

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Analysis of Childhood Dermatological Condition

Prevalence of Childhood Dermatological Conditions Throughout early childhood and as the immune systems of children continue to develop and subsequently strengthen, they become more prone to viral and infectious diseases and conditions overall. Common childhood dermatological conditions have a misperception that only the physical sign of the disease can be...

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Childhood Trauma Effects On Brain Development

MethodsI. Participants: Children with a history of childhood trauma. (N=42) A. The children have to be aged between 6-16 years. The participants will be selected based on their history of trauma and allowed willingly to accept or refuted being included in the study. B. All children with different trauma such...

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Childhood Essay

The early years of childhood are so fleeting, yet they hold a powerful impact over the mind of the developing child. It is challenging for parents to find a balance between caring for their child with school, work or other household tasks. It is important, however, for parents to take...

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Reflective Learning Essays: Neurobiological Effects of Childhood Maltreatment

The most important thing I learned about this topic is that there is not speculation about long-term effects of maltreatment, but that “the advent of neuro-imaging of children with documented child maltreatment histories has provided irrefutable evidence of the structural and functional changes that occur within the brains of these...

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Adverse Childhood Experiences

The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) score as an assessment tool will be essential in my work as a TIC expert, because it will help me in identifying clients that need my support. Personally, my ACE score was 2; a low score, which means that I am lesser at risk of...

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ADHD an Intolerance for Childhood Playfulness

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are the most common types of childhood psychiatric problems in the contemporary world. There has been increasing cases of ADHD in children with poor academic performance or behavioral concerns like hyperactivity, oppositionality, intention, and impulsivity. Therefore, there is a need to establish effective diagnosis and...

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Play in Childhood

When looking at play in childhood in regards to childhood development, it is important for this to occur in order for children to bond. When play occurs, it allows for an opportunity for parents to develop a deeper relationship with their child. The action of play assists children in understanding...

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Reflecting On Childhood

Childhood is a crucial development period during which a child acquires key skills and knowledge he or she will rely on throughout life. Early relationships and interactions with parents play a key role in development of one's communicative skills, negative behavior inhibition, and emotion management skills. Thus, looking back at...

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Childhood Diarrhea

While many adults suffer through diarrhea at some points in their life, when children – especially younger children – get diarrhea, it can be much more serious because of their non-developed organs. I chose to research childhood diarrhea because almost everyone knows what this topic is, and many people –...

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Obesity in Children

Obesity in children is one of the most severe health conditions experienced in the world today. This condition occurs in a child when the weight goes well above the expected weight in relation to height and age. The condition is associated with chronic medical conditions that include diabetes, high cholesterol,...

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Transition from Childhood to Adulthood

The transformation from childhood to adulthood comprises of various events that have a great impact on a person’s behavior, development, and relations. Some people link adulthood to age; nevertheless, I believe adulthood is based entirely on emotional, social, and cognitive maturity instead. At a personal level, becoming a senior leader...

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