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Listening and Reading Comprehension at Story Time: How to Build Habits of the Mind

In her article entitled “Listening and Reading Comprehension at Story Time: How to Build Habits of the Mind”, Mary Ruth Moore discusses the need for an “active process” (24) between teacher and students during story time in early childhood education. Moore encourages several different ways this interaction can take place....

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Impacts on Change: Abused Children

Abused children make up a significant proportion of the young population, with an estimated 695,000 unique children who showed some signs of child abuse or neglect (Bailhache, Leroy, Pillet & Salmi, 2013). Abused children can be from any race or ethnicity – 43.9% of all victims were white, 21.5% were...

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Child Development Milestones

At birth, newborns possess reflexes for rooting, suckling, and grasping. Newborns develop the ability to move their heads and hands. Newborns discover and practice neural pathways through repeated body movements. After about three to six months, infants develop the strength required to move their entire bodies. They can roll over,...

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Effects of Autism within Childhood Development

Autism, also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), is a health condition that affects many children. The first section of this paper provides an introduction to autism, including a general definition of the condition and a brief overview of its history. The second section, which is on statistics / epidemiology,...

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Social and Separation Anxiety in Preschool Children

Anxiety disorders are common even in very young children. Preschool-aged children often have symptoms of social or separation anxiety. The prevalence of these disorders is 7.5 and 10.5 respectively. A substantial number of preschoolers with anxiety disorders have more than one psychiatric diagnosis, which may be another anxiety disorder or...

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