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Childhood Amnesia

There has been no definitive answer for what causes childhood amnesia. Statistically, the research has shown an age timeline for adults typically accessing early childhood memories between the ages of three and four years of age, but anything earlier is normally not a part of adults’ long-term memory. Scientific neurological...

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Developmental Psychology: Middle Childhood and Adolescence

In many cultures, the 5-7 age period is believed to mark the beginning of the age of reason (Rogoff et al., 1975). While this statement may sound ridiculous to most of us, it is not completely unfounded. Over the years, multiple studies have demonstrated that middle childhood and adolescence bring...

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Human Growth and Development

The first article focuses on geographical/environmental factors that may influence childhood development (Suk et al., 2016). Exposure to environmental pollutants during key periods of development can engender health problems in infants and children which can affect them into adulthood, particularly in low- and middle-income countries. These early exposures have the...

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The Developmental Psychology of the Black Child

Amos Wilson’s “The Developmental Psychology of the Black Child” examines the behavior of black children and attributes the social, intellectual, and economic failures on their parents and the prevalent African-American culture which has seemed to promote low achievement and provides excuses for societal failure. These assertions are backed by his...

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Group Time Activities

According to the revised Bloom’s taxonomy, the cognitive processes dimension is comprised of lower order thinking skills (categorized under remembering, understanding and application) and higher order thinking skills (categorized under analysis, evaluation and creation) (Heer, 2012). The higher order skills that teachers should encourage the most are differentiating objects based...

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