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Interview with an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher

In November 2016 I had the opportunity to meet with Marie on a Sunday afternoon by video chat. Marie works as an early childhood special education teacher for the public school system in Fredericksburg, Virginia. She was not comfortable with the idea of video or audio taping the interview, so...

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Racism and Child Development

Racism has an extremely negative impact on everyone, both adults and children. Children who have been exposed to racism may have impaired emotional, physical, and mental development. They may have trouble in school, they may have problems with nonverbal communication skills, and they may have problems with self esteem and...

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Language and Literacy Development

Learning is a continuous process that starts from a young age throughout to the old age. Globalization has significantly impacted on the modern learning process. Modern schools constitute students from varying language backgrounds. Some students are natives while others are non-native. The native students are those that the teaching dialect...

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Abstract: The Birth of Childhood

Introduction There is a unique contrast between primates such as chimpanzees and human beings in regards to feeding, as humans must rely upon another individual to be fed at least until the age of six (Gibbons, 2008). This is a situation unlike any other primate in that human beings are...

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Analysis of Childhood Dermatological Condition

Prevalence of Childhood Dermatological Conditions Throughout early childhood and as the immune systems of children continue to develop and subsequently strengthen, they become more prone to viral and infectious diseases and conditions overall. Common childhood dermatological conditions have a misperception that only the physical sign of the disease can be...

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