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Play in Childhood

When looking at play in childhood in regards to childhood development, it is important for this to occur in order for children to bond. When play occurs, it allows for an opportunity for parents to develop a deeper relationship with their child. The action of play assists children in understanding...

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Reflecting On Childhood

Childhood is a crucial development period during which a child acquires key skills and knowledge he or she will rely on throughout life. Early relationships and interactions with parents play a key role in development of one's communicative skills, negative behavior inhibition, and emotion management skills. Thus, looking back at...

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Childhood Diarrhea

While many adults suffer through diarrhea at some points in their life, when children – especially younger children – get diarrhea, it can be much more serious because of their non-developed organs. I chose to research childhood diarrhea because almost everyone knows what this topic is, and many people –...

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Obesity in Children

Obesity in children is one of the most severe health conditions experienced in the world today. This condition occurs in a child when the weight goes well above the expected weight in relation to height and age. The condition is associated with chronic medical conditions that include diabetes, high cholesterol,...

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Transition from Childhood to Adulthood: Essay Examples

This is a "Transition from childhood to adulthood" essay sample that will give you plenty of ideas. Turn to reading and get inspired for you own awesome writing. The transformation from childhood to adulthood comprises of various events that have a great impact on a person’s behavior, development, and relations....

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