Technology is an integral part our lives and there is no way we can avoid it since communication, paying of bills, and transport system adopts the use of current technology. In communication, we send mails, chat on social media, and manage our love lives using technology. Since we rely on technology so much in these modern days, children are also not left behind and have since have become avid users as well. Children as young as ten have access to smart phones implying that they are not also left behind in using modern technology. However, we should be able determine whether this technology is doing harm of good to our children by analyzing its pros and cons.

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On the good side, technology has helped our children develop in terms of education since they are able to update in classroom. They gain basic skills and are able to absorb information quickly. It also prepares students for the workforce at an early age since most of the jobs require technological skills. Technology also impacts children positively by helping them widen their social circles as they can interact with their friend online on social media. This is very important since children can have access to their peers and share information. Technology also plays a role in helping our children do exercises by participating in game such as Wii and the Xbox Kinect.

There are also negative implications of technology on our children since there are health related problems such as obesity and developmental challenges. This is as a result of playing video game and other electronic entertainment where children do not get enough time to do exercises. There is also a risk of lessened ability to multitask amongst children since the internet can do most of their homework. Our privacy is also at risk since children can access websites that contains adult content only. Most of them lie about their age when signing up and end up accessing information not meant for them.

In conclusion, we can limit the access of children accessing technology since it has both merits and demerits in their lives. This is vital since we cannot bar them as its part of modern life.