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Technology and Our Children

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, technology is a double-edged sword whose impact on people’s everyday life can be either positive or negative, depending on how one uses it. The Internet, smart televisions, smartphones, computers, self-driving cars, face-detecting systems and e-commerce platforms are only some of the technological advances that are...

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Parenting: The Lost Art

A report by the Federal Trade Commission alarmed parents when it revealed that entertainment companies were targeting children in their ads of violent, Rated-R films. Even more frightening is the fact that these very companies actually held focus groups of nine to ten year-olds. But the truth is that most...

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Social Work Practice with Children

The environment the child is exposed to from the time he/she is born has both positive and negative influence in his/her current situation (Schore N and Schore J, 2008). The first instinct of the mother or primary care giver is to create an attachment bond of communication bond with the...

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Kindergartens: Preparing Children for Adult Life

Playing, learning, and socializing all day long – what could be better for a small child? The issue of whether or not kindergartens are advantageous young children remains arguable. Some believe that educational interaction among young children stimulates their critical thinking and social skills. However, others say kindergartens are too...

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Self-Efficacy And Self-Regulation Essay

Self-efficacy is one’s beliefs in his or her ability to achieve a set target. Precisely, self-efficacy entails one’s confidence to take control over his or her desire to execute his or her activities to achieve his or her set goals. The concept of self-efficacy was first developed by a psychologist...

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Anxiety Disorders in Toddlers

Anxiety disorder is one of the highly widespread and functionally damaging mental disorders to take place in toddlers. Childhood and adolescent are among the key stages that toddlers are at high risk of developing anxiety warning signs and syndromes varying from temporary soft syndrome to complex anxiety disorders (Schniering

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Nutrition and Physical Activity in Child Care

The article “Nutrition and Physical Activity in Child Care: Results from an Environmental Intervention” by Ward et al. (2008) presented the report on a randomized trial to assess how successful a Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Childcare program (NAP SACC) is. The background for the program and assessment was...

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Reflection on Wooden’s Weeping in the Playtime of Others

Introduction Wooden’s 1976 book Weeping in the Playtime of Others provides an overview of his three year investigation of incarcerated children. Many children are incarcerated without having committed a crime. This system includes institutions that are intended for criminals, not children without anyone to care for them. Surprisingly, the system...

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Who Is Mary Ellen

Mary Ellen McCormack was a young girl who was subjected to child abuse in New York City in the 1870’s. She had an important influence on the history of intervening on behalf of abused children. Prior to her case, interventions for abused children were unheard of, and there were no...

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Four Types of People Who Should Never Become Parents

One of the most beautiful human relationships is between that of parent and a child. But it is also important to understand being a parent can be a full-time job and not everyone is capable of handling the responsibilities of raising a child. At the minimum, a child deserves love,...

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The Giving Tree

Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree is a timeless classic about the parent child relationship. The tree is a metaphor for the parent, and the little boy symbolizes the child’s journey into adulthood and away from the parent as he makes his own identity. It is the story of the unconditional...

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Early Childhood Policy

Introduction Legislative bodies draft and implement policies on different aspects of the society. The following project focuses on the child protection policy enacted in England under the UK Children Act 2004. The report evaluates how the policy directly affects children. Primarily, the evaluation process seeks to establish whether the child...

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Parental Involvement Strategies

The first teacher is any child knows is their parent(s). Even though the formal education of a child is given over to a teacher, the involvement of parents should never waiver and is vital in the learning, comprehension, and mastery of education. As the University Middle School adopts the NJ...

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Four Parenting Styles

Parenting is a unique and difficult process, despite the love shared for children. Diana Baumrind (1971) identified several different styles of parenting: authoritative, permissive/indulgent, neglectful, and authoritarian. Research has shown that genetics and environment play a large role and influence in the development of human traits. Parenting style is determined...

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Parenting Styles and Attachment Theory

Baurmind introduces a theory of three parenting styles that signify the key behaviors and communication patterns characteristic of how parents approach the upbringing of their children. Authoritarian parenting style is characterized by strict rules, punishment, and high standards set for the child but also with little regard for the feelings...

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Parenting Style Essay

Parents are the clear influencers in child development during the early years of children's lives, but they continue to have a lasting impact on development throughout early adulthood. Whether a grown person has adequate communication or leadership skills may be directly determined by how they were raised. In this respect,...

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No Child Left Behind Act Problems

Еhe reason for selecting "Should Changes be made to the No Child Left behind Act" is because it is extremely relevant to people who are either interested in education or plan to pursue careers in that area. The audience for such a research topic would be students, educators, legislators, and...

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Single-Parent Families

According to Dan Quayle, the infamous Los Angeles riots can be attributed to a breakdown of traditional family structures: “I believe the lawless social anarchy which we saw is directly related to the breakdown of family structure, personal responsibility, and social order in too many areas of our society” (Quayle...

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Helicopter Parent

The parenting model discussed in “I Am A Helicopter Parent—And I Don’t Apologize” by Elisabeth Fairfield Stokes presents one of the newer forms of parenting styles today that has been at the core of much debate on parenting. While some may see helicoptering children as detrimental to the child in...

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Gals and Dolls

The development of children is influenced by very many things in their environment. This is the reason parents must always be careful to ensure that their children; both girls and boys, adopt the most appropriate morals as they grow up. Marni Jackson, in her article “Gals and Dolls”, argues that...

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