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Black Dolls

It is important for black kids to have access to black dolls so that they take pride in their racial origins. When most of the dolls sold are white, it sends the wrong message to the black kids that maybe white race is superior to theirs. There should also be...

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Barbie Doll Image

Situation Analysis: Barbie’s sales have continued to decline and there is controversy regarding the impact that Barbie’s unrealistic body type can have on the young girls playing with them. Problem Statement: Mattel is struggling their unrealistic image that Barbie has continued to portray and if the doll is the right...

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Overmedicating Children

The current generation has several health issues that affect their children. Therefore, they have developed various responses to address the present and emerging health issues. Notably, many children suffer various medical conditions that sometimes require their parents to put them on constant medical interventions. In response to the numerous health...

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Leadership Case Study

Adolescence is the transition from childhood into adulthood. It mostly occurs between the ages of 12 to 19 and can take various forms. It’s also denoted to as the period of puberty where elementary physical and emotional changes take place in preparation for adulthood. Such changes include physical maturation mostly...

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Children Substance Abuse Controversy

When a business files papers of incorporation it acknowledges that its owners, management, and shareholders understand a commitment to social responsibility and will uphold to ethical and moral standards. While its incorporation indicates that financial feasibility and fiscal profit are at the forefront, it also suggests that management will operate...

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